Kitchen countertop in a black kitchen

Invite Luxury Into Your Home With Black Countertops Kitchen

Black countertops kitchen are a wonderful alternative to boring white and gray ones. If you don’t want your kitchen see-through, then black countertops may be the perfect option for you. They will also create the illusion of a larger space in the kitchen. Black is a very popular color for kitchen countertops. The color is sophisticated and suits any type of kitchen design. It can also add flair to a place that might need some more pizzazz.

Black will not stain as easily as lighter colors and can be something of an inexpensive option too. It’s also surprisingly versatile because it can be used in both traditional and modern designs. There are many benefits to using black countertop kitchen, such as natural antibacterial properties that keep your home safe.

A darker color also absorbs heat better than other colors, making spaces warmer and tending to the attraction of dirt and debris. Dark colors are a great way to make a small kitchen feel cozy and inviting. Black countertops kitchen often go well with other dark colors like black appliances, slate tiles, and black marble floors. If your cabinets are white, you can paint the inside of them black for a pop of contrast.

Black Countertops Kitchen- Knowing your Options

Before you start choosing stunning black countertops for your kitchen, you need to know which type of countertop will fit your space and style the best. You will want to put functionality at the top of your list, but know you don’t have to compromise on looks to achieve this. Popular black countertop kitchen options are Quartz and Granite, both coming with distinct features that can elevate your kitchen design to the next level. They are fun to work with and can be easily paired with a variety of cabinet colors and styles.

Granite comes from molten rock, thus being less expensive than marble but being more durable and less prone to chips, cracks, or blisters. It’s known for its durability and stain-resistant features and is a solid choice if you want something that is not quite as dramatic as quartz. Granite slab grades are determined by veins, colors, marking, pitting, and thickness. 

Black Forest Granite from India and Brazil will make a bold statement in your kitchen and is the most popular and in-demand choice. Each slab features gold or ivory streaks that run throughout it, making each one a unique and eye-catching statement of your kitchen space. With this style you really can’t go wrong, since it will stay the same for years to come, saving you money in the long run, as well.

Black quartz countertops became the hottest trend to follow back in 2005. And still represent a popular choice in black kitchen design. Obsidian is one of the in-demand choices, having a light sparkle without any secondary color, making it a versatile option. Empira is a more bold choice since it has a lot of light gold veining on the surface contrasting the black background adding interest. Piatto represents a speckled, light-textured, dark option that can be combined beautifully with both black and white spaces.

Black countertops for kitchens
Photo and design: KB Surfaces and Remodeling

Matching Cabinets with Black Countertops Kitchen

Matching the cabinets to your kitchen’s countertops is an easy way to keep the look of your kitchen unified. One of the things to do when thinking about installing a black countertop kitchen is figuring out what color cabinets to use. Many people will choose black cabinets for their kitchen. However, this contradicts other themes found in a black and white scheme because most people would go with black tiles or marble countertops.

Another option for building your palette is incorporating different colors throughout your kitchen like green, blue, and dark silver. To find some examples of different cabinet colors that may work with a black kitchen countertop, it may be helpful to do a Google search of “black cabinets,” then click on images that inspire you. This should be an excellent way to find inspiration if you’re not sure what colors might work well together. There isn’t a right or wrong answer as it depends on the entire feel of your kitchen, the style you want to go for as well as your needs and personality.

If you want to add darker hues to your kitchen renovation, dark cabinets will deliver a bold statement to your black kitchen design. Once you’ve started why not embrace the darkness. Go for an immersive color throughout the space by pairing black countertops kitchen with the dark wall color. Perfect deep tones will complement the black cabinetry. To ensure the space doesn’t look too gloomy make sure there is plenty of natural light or introduce under-cabinet lighting for an eye-catching effect that will highlight your kitchen prep surfaces.  If you are concerned with overwhelming the area you can always offset it with some lighter fixtures, wall paint, and flooring. 

Another well-loved choice is white or cream cabinets paired with black countertops kitchen. You’ll find that they add much-needed brightness and airiness to the space, giving it a sense of elegance and uplifting beauty. White cabinetry will add a chic and sleek vibe with an understated finish to the space. Finish off the look by adding some plants for a natural touch and voila! You have the perfect high-contrast black and white color palette kitchen. 

Black countertops in a black kitchen
Photo: Studio point de vue – Alexandre Parent

Accents Within Black Countertops Kitchen

Once you’ve decided you want that stand-out style of a black countertops kitchen you can now start accessorizing to create a bold, dramatic and uber-chic space that will ooze sophistication and show off your creativity. It’s easy to see while black is one of the top kitchen trends for 2022, but in case an all-black kitchen is just too much for you you can work black into your space and not let it be overwhelming. 

Lose the gloss and go for the understated rustic look. Instead of high shine cabinets opt for the matte that looks less showy and more refined. Matt finishes are also less prone to finger marks so will be a practical choice for busy kitchens. Bring calm to a black kitchen by adding warmth and subtle colors, such as rustic timber floor, plants, and natural linen textiles. Alternatively, the addition of wooden furniture can look lovely when paired with black cabinets and worktops.

Instead of having floor-to-ceiling cabinets keep the space airy and open by getting rid of wall units and using open shelving. Have the shelves in a neutral shade to define the difference. Opening up the kitchen layout will allow the space to breathe and it’s a great way to show off your ceramics and kitchen gadgets. A long run of base units and a freestanding island will provide an uncluttered look while offering plenty of storage for kitchenware and crockery. This way a small kitchen can appear much lighter and brighter. If you need additional storage add a row of floating shelves that will give a display space while keeping the open look. 

White kitchen with black kitchen countertops
Photo and design: J Rider Construction

Incorporate glass-fronted cabinets to break up solid walls of units. Dark kitchens can easily make a space look cramped and closed in if there is not much natural light and you are working with a small kitchen design. One way to prevent this is to use glass cabinets rather than wall units. Glass doors are an ideal way to show off your glassware and display some pops of colors.

Using black on its own can start looking a little one-dimensional, so adding different patterns, textures and finishes is the key to success. Make tiling a focal point feature with a combination of different patterns, be it the classic herringbone-format splashback or Victorian style floor tiles that grab attention from the minute you walk in. Get creative when it comes to the elements surrounding your black countertops. Pair those inky surfaces with a brick flooring that is sure to turn heads.

Black countertops kitchen make a lighter backsplash pop and can make it a great addition to the kitchen design. If you wish to add some organic feel you can go for exposed brick, combined with natural wood cabinets. A black herringbone backsplash will work effortlessly with black countertops kitchen to amp up the drama. Opt for a graphic print or large pattern to liven up the space or add some texture with mosaic tiles or small penny tiles. Incorporating wood elements within a black countertops kitchen can be captivating! You can achieve a Scandinavian look by adding a vertical wood panel accent wall that will provide a lot of interest and dimension to the space.

Offset the effect of black countertops kitchen by adding a complementary accent color and using it very deliberately and in small doses. Keep the look punchy by choosing a color of the same intensity. Teal and black can play perfectly against each other, with calming teal helping reduce black’s intensity. Include touches of color throughout kitchen hardware, textiles, paintwork, glasses, and tableware. Bring warmth and color by adding a sunny, bold tone backsplash or even a fruit arrangement. You can use amber fragments, brass fixtures, and colored glass accessories throughout the worktops to add extra warmth and depth to the black color scheme. 

Benefits of Black Countertops For Kitchen

One reason that many people choose black countertops is the optical illusion it creates. This type of countertop will make a kitchen appear to have a double-height ceiling even if there isn’t one. The black color also tends to minimize other colors in the room and make this space seem wider, which can be an important consideration for a smaller kitchen.

On top of all of these perks, black countertops are also easy to care for. They don’t stain like other colors and polishing them only takes a few minutes each week. The top benefit of black countertops is that they are very easy to maintain. You can just use soap and water for quick cleanup. No scrubbing or baking soda is needed.

Black countertops kitchen would also show minimal damage from heat so if you are looking for a low-maintenance choice that can withstand rigorous home cooking and busy family life-black countertops are the perfect option for you. Opt for matte black which will make any smudges, stains, and fingerprints barely noticeable. Although gloss finishes can show fingerprints more they are easier to clean, Simply wipe them down, no need to worry about streaks that might show like you would with a matte countertop. 

Kitchen countertop in a black kitchen
Photo by Caleb Hunt

You may have heard it before-but black goes with everything. It’s easy to pair with any other shade, from white, neutrals to bold, bright colors. Your kitchen worktops are a large part of the design of the room so you need to match them with a larger color scheme. They are more than simply an accent color and when you choose black you don’t have to be careful about picking the rest of the colors to mix with it. Black will offer your kitchen a chic and sophisticated look whether you want a modern, sleek kitchen or you are going more traditional and classic. Whatever you choose to do, you can’t go wrong with black. 

If you choose black you also have more material options at your disposal. Worktop types such as granite, quartz, and marble will give you natural stone options that are both fashionable and durable. And another thing to keep in mind: there is more than one shade of black. A pure, jet black is one option, but there are many subtle hues you should consider. You also have the option of exploring different textures and patterns, flecks of white, gold, green, and many other colors can be found in black countertop slabs. 

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We hope we’ve answered all of your important questions and motivated you to consider the dazzling option that is black countertops. You can browse our website for more ideas and inspiration and see other countertop options. In case you’re ready, we offer free consultations so contact our team and discuss your project idea! We are here and ready to help you create your one-of-a-kind, dream kitchen. 

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