How To Match Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops to Achieve Perfectly Styled Kitchens

Selecting the right countertop and kitchen cabinets style can be a difficult task. It’s important to carefully consider the look you want for your kitchen and what will work best with the rest of your decor. Most people are intimidated by the process of designing their kitchen. There are so many things to consider when coming up with a design that will best suit your lifestyle. In this guide, we’ll go through the process of selecting the perfect countertop and cabinet style for your kitchen so you can achieve a cohesive and timeless design.

The Basics Of Kitchen Design

Kitchens are inherently one of the most important rooms in a home. From cooking to eating to spending quality time together, kitchens serve an important function in any family’s life. Designing a kitchen can seem daunting. Below are the basics of designing a kitchen with easy steps and tips to guide you along the way.

First things first, what does your dream kitchen look like. When you close your eyes and imagine that space, what style are you imagining? Do you prefer traditional kitchen styles or modern ones? This decision will shape every other step in the process, including how you match your cabinets and countertops. 

The Difference Between Traditional and Contemporary Kitchen Styles

There are many different kitchen styles including traditional, modern, transitional, contemporary, farmhouse, mid-century modern, industrial, etc. Each of these styles features elements that are unique to it or have common elements combined in a unique way that is representative of said style. For example, traditional and classic kitchens will often sport shaker kitchen cabinets. This however does not mean that other kitchen styles won’t use them in a completely innovative way.

A traditional kitchen has lots of cabinetry and drawers and lots of counter space. Modern kitchens are all about clean lines, low cabinetry, and less clutter. A contemporary kitchen style usually has open cabinetry, dark finishes with stainless steel appliances, and modern features like islands or bar counters for extra storage. Once you have your heart set on a kitchen design style, you can easily choose your cabinets. Often one of the most important things when picking cabinets is their door style, and you can read our full guide on that right here

How To Use Color In Your Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen design, color is an important element. Whether you’re remodeling or adding on to your kitchen, the best way to know which colors to use for your space is to consider the existing layout, kitchen elements, and lighting.  If you have a large kitchen, you can get creative and experiment with bold and dark colors. But if you have a smaller space and insufficient natural light, you might want to stick with lighter and brighter color palettes. 

To make the most of colors in your kitchen design, aside from space and lighting considerations, you should take into account the principles of color psychology. Did you know that color can be used as a tool to control the mood and appearance of a space? It can also trigger an emotional response. So it’s important to think about how we want to feel in our kitchen space.

Do you want a light and airy atmosphere, or a warm and cozy interior? Do you feel more comfortable when the colors are matching and monochromatic or when they are contrasting and diverse? Another important contemplation is whether you like to follow current trends in design or you prefer to stick with evergreen and classic choices?

Should Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops Match?

A lot of homeowners have a difficult time deciding how to match their kitchen cabinets and countertops. The best way to figure out which one you should choose is to think about what your style is, how you want the room to feel, and whether you want the kitchen’s focal point to be the countertop or the cabinet.  It’s important to know that cabinet and countertop colors should not only be complementary or contrasting with each other but they should play off of the paint colors and bigger design picture as well. 

As a rule of thumb, if you want a modern look, go with darker colors. If you want a vintage look, go with lighter colors.  It is common to hear people say that the best way to match up countertops and cabinets is exactly that, to match them, but there are plenty of other options. For example, you might choose contrasting colors and patterns for the two surfaces, use similar colors but different shades, and anything in between. Keep in mind that there are no hard-and-fast rules about what will look best for your kitchen. You’ll have to assess your preferences and then go from there. 

Matching countertops and cabinets
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Matching Countertops With Kitchen Cabinets

Countertops and cabinetry can be a challenge to coordinate. The best way to find out what really looks good is to experiment with different color combinations and materials. One idea is to start by choosing a color for the countertop and then pick a color or two for the cabinets. Keep experimenting with other variations until you find something that really suits your taste and personality. Often, the countertop is chosen as the main focus of the kitchen, and the rest of the elements are chosen to compliment or contrast it. 

Should Island Countertops Match The Perimeter Countertops? 

As we’ve mentioned before there are no right and wrong answers. In the end, your kitchen needs to be beautiful to you and to your family first and foremost. Some designers think that the more uniform the counters are, the better. If you agree with this statement, then if you have an island, the countertop should be a matching material and color to the perimeter countertops – not too different from them. This is because islands stand out, but they should still maintain a cohesive look throughout your kitchen. 

If you don’t want matching counters, consider using a lighter tone of the same color or a shade that complements it. Or if you really want to get out of the box and go for an edgy look, contrast your countertops and mix materials and colors to your liking. A good idea, in this case, could be to match your island to your kitchen cabinets to maintain some cohesion in the room. 

A smiling woman leaning on the kitchen island

Should The Kitchen Floor Match The Cabinets Or The Countertops?

Some frequent questions that we get, aside from matching countertops and cabinets is how to match the flooring and backsplash. Here are a few tips. 

When choosing a kitchen floor, aside from the practicality of the material, you should consider the aesthetics and overall feel of the entire space. Usually, the question is whether your floor should match your cabinets or your counters. The answer to this question will depend on your own personal style preferences.  

But some useful advice to follow is to combine darker and lighter colors. This will give the illusion of more space and make it appear like you have a bigger kitchen than you actually do. So if you have dark cabinets, you should have a light-colored floor to balance it out. If you have light-colored cabinets, you will want to have a medium-colored or dark-colored floor so that they are not too contrasting with one another.

Should Backsplash Match The Cabinets Or The Countertops?

There is a lot of debate about this question. Some people think that the backsplash should match the cabinets, others say it should match the countertops. The answer is that they both match because it’s up to you. Usually, you’ll want the backsplash to match whichever material is most predominant in your kitchen. Another popular opinion is that if you install a darker color on the countertops, then it should also be present in the backsplash, however, if you install a lighter color on the countertops, then there should be darker color in the backsplash. 

Remember, decorating is an art, and there are no right or wrongs when it comes to picking the items you want to use. 

And if you are wondering if your kitchen cabinet hardware should match, well the good news is we have a whole blog post that will answer that question. You can read all about kitchen cabinet hardware trends right here

Matching Granite Countertops And Kitchen Cabinets 

Granite is one of the most popular countertops because it’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean. It is recommended to match granite pretty closely with the cabinets around it. The best cabinets that match granite are usually more traditional styles of kitchen cabinets. The best way to choose a granite countertop for your kitchen is to find a stone that matches the color of your cabinets, or the other way around. 

Granite countertops and kitchen cabinets often come in different colors and finishes, so they can be difficult to match. One way to create a cohesive look is by using the same or similar color. For example, if you like white kitchen cabinets and you purchase a white or light grey granite countertop, they’ll match beautifully together.

Granite Countertops

Matching Quartz Countertops And Kitchen Cabinets

Quartz countertops and virtually any kitchen cabinets can be a beautiful combination. While granite is usually used in traditional kitchen styles, quartz is more versatile. You can use it in both contemporary kitchen design and timeless spaces as well. The most important factor in matching quartz countertops and cabinets is deciding on the color. When combined with light-colored cabinets, quartz countertops can create an elegant look that’s perfect for your kitchen. For a more modern style, consider darker cabinets with black quartz countertops. You can check out our blog post on white quartz countertops for more inspiration. 

Matching Marble Countertops And Kitchen Cabinets

Marble countertops are expensive, but they are also beautiful and durable. They provide a uniquely luxurious appearance that is unmatched by other countertop materials. Marble is also one of the most hygienic surfaces so it will be easy to clean after cooking messy dishes. When it comes to decorating, some people prefer to match their marble countertops and kitchen cabinets.

Others enjoy a more eclectic feel that allows for a mix of styles in their kitchen. It’s possible to find a variety of cabinets that will work well with marble countertops. A modern or contemporary look would be ideal for some homes, while older Victorian-style homes may want to stick with smaller patterns. A style that is most common is white cabinets and light marble countertops, but any marble color will work well with different shades of wood. 

Marble Countertops and Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Matching Quartzite Countertops And Kitchen Cabinets

Quartzite is a stone that has been used in kitchens around the world for years. It is popular because it is resistant, gorgeous, and affordable. Quartzite countertops are available in many colors, so matching them with custom kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be difficult.  Quartzite is a beautiful natural stone that blends well with any design. It usually comes in many shades of beige, cream, brown, gray, black, and white and can come in different textures, which allow it to match any style of cabinetry. Plus, the variety of quartzite color options make it easy to find one that matches your kitchen’s look and feel. 


When it comes to kitchen design, the synergy of the cabinets and countertops is vital. After looking at all of the above information, you should be able to put together a kitchen design that delights you and perfectly reflects your personal style. The last step would be to get in touch with professionals to get an estimate and concrete advice for your project. Here at Savona Kitchen and Bath, we’re happy to be of service. Our team is at your disposal and ready to hear all of your ideas before we get to work on creating your dream kitchen. Feel free to contact us and schedule a FREE consultation or visit our showroom in Green Brook, New Jersey and we can get started right away.

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