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What Are The Pros And Cons of Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth and ground into a beautiful surface. It is available in many colors and looks similar to granite but has more texture. The quartzite countertop surfaces are also more resistant to scratches and stains than their engineered counterparts. They are also considered eco-friendly because they do not have the same harmful chemicals that some other countertops have, such as formaldehyde. Quartzite countertops can add value to your home when selling or give you an updated look while staying in your current home.

Quartzite is a type of material typically used for countertops and other types of stone surfaces. It’s a natural stone that can be quarried from several different locations across the globe. It’s a common option for those looking to find countertops in the kitchen or bathroom because it has a nice finish, is durable, and is relatively affordable.

This type of material is also frequently used for fireplace mantels and other types of home construction because it’s attractive, easy to cut, and relatively inexpensive. Quartzite offers many benefits that are similar to granite but without the drawbacks such as cracking and discoloration over time. It can be found in many colors and textures including green, pink, grey, reddish-brown, and blue. The stone has a silky feel and can be cut into both slabs and tiles. 

Quartzite Countertops Pros And Cons

If you love natural stone and want that organic feel for your kitchen then quartzite is the choice for you. Quartzite’s most appealing feature is definitely its similarity to marble. It comes in unique, interesting designs and a variety of colors which will be a great option in case you love the look but can’t afford marble.

Quartzite is generally found in white to gray colors. Pink and red hues are a result of iron oxide that is found in the stone. Yellow, green, blue, and orange quartzite results from the presence of other minerals. Regardless of the color, the quartzite always has streaking caused by varying degrees of pressure in its formation and the random presence of iron oxide or other minerals. 

The natural formation process of this stone is what makes it highly resistant to water and heat, meaning it’s very durable and will remain damage-free for years to come. Additionally, it has a high resistance to acids that can cause etching and is UV resistant so natural light won’t darken or fade it. Quartzite is harder than both granite and quartz and unlike quartz which is made with resin, it can withstand heat and not melt or damage. 

Once sealed your quartzite countertops will be easy to maintain and clean using mild dishwasher soap and warm water while avoiding chemical-based cleaners which can damage the sealant. 

Although durable and strong, quartzite can still be damaged by sharp objects like knives so you’d do well to remember using a chopping board. Quartzite is also a porous material, just like any other natural stone, so it will need to be sealed at least twice a year. If not properly sealed spills can seep in and lead to tough stains and bacterial growth unless cleaned right away. This natural stone is not suitable for DIY because it’s dense, hard, and heavy it really should be installed by professional craftsmen with advanced tools. 

Quartzite countertops
Photo and design: Carmel Stone Imports

Quartzite Vs Quartz Countertops

Quartzite and quartz countertops both have advantages when it comes to durability and relatively easy maintenance. But, due to the differences in their composition and manufacturing process, they can be used in different ways. Understanding the difference between quartz and quartzite countertops can help you when making a decision for your kitchen space. 

Quartzite is a natural store formed beneath the earth’s surface. It is a metamorphic rock made from quartz sandstone whereas quartz is an engineered stone formed by combining 90% ground quartz with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments. 

Quartzite is available in neutral colors like white, black, brown, and beige but it can come with colorful veins due to different sediments including deep pink, violet, and orange, which is achieved by adding pigments. 

Quartzite is more scratch and acid resistant than quartz. It won’t get damaged if hot pots or pans are placed directly on it. On the other hand, the resins in quartz will melt and leave permanent damage if a hot object is placed directly on it. 

Quartz is less expensive than quartzite because of the complexity of transforming mined quartzite into slabs.

Quartzite is a versatile countertop material that works wonders in both kitchens and bathrooms thanks to its durability and resilience. Consider all the pros and cons of quartzite before making a decision. It is perfect for those looking for a sturdy natural stone that mimics marble and matches the earthy tone of their home. However, it’s not a good choice if you are looking for countertop materials on a budget and want to install them yourself.

Quartzite Vs Granite Countertops

Quartzite is compared to granite in terms of hardness and durability, but it’s important to know that these two types of natural stone are not one and the same. Since quartzite comes in colors that are trending right now, such as light gray and white, it is a popular countertop option in today’s neutral-toned kitchen designs. It also looks a lot like marble, which many will agree is the epitome of luxury.

Granite is an igneous rock known for being very hard. Quartzite, on the other hand, is a metamorphic rock composed almost entirely of quartz, the hardest material on earth. Both granite and quartzite are very hard, but on the Mohs scale of hardness, (from 1 to 10, 10 being hardest) quartzite has a slight advantage. It measures around 7 whereas granite measures around 6.

While quartzite is slightly harder than granite, it’s important to understand that it’s not bulletproof. Quartzite does have one particular disadvantage that you won’t see in granite: etching. 

Etching is surface damage in the form of a dull mark on natural stone. It happens when acidic substances come into contact with countertops, floors, walls, or anywhere you may have a natural stone. Quartzite can be prone to etching if not sealed once installed and this process is repeated once to twice a year depending on the type of slabs you opted for.

A quartzite countertop is also very easy to keep clean, as you will only need mild dishwasher soap and water. In terms of maintenance, having a quartzite countertop will be one of the easiest features of your house to take care of. 

Just like quartzite, granite is easy to clean. You can maintain the surface using warm soapy water. Do not use anything harsh such as vinegar or bleach though. Overall, granite is a very durable material that should stay in prime condition if cared for properly.

Quartzite prices generally start at $60 per square foot but can cost more if the type you choose is rarer. Granite usually tends to cost a little less than quartzite. Granite can mostly be found in the range of $40 to $100 per square foot. As with quartzite, this number can be on the higher end if the type of granite is rare. If you are looking for a better idea of the cost of either quartzite or granite, you should get an estimate or a few in order to find the best deals.

For installation, there is no clear winner in comparison between granite and quartzite. Both will require the assistance of a professional craftsman to install in your kitchen.

In addition to the elegant look of natural stone, installing either quartzite or granite in your home can actually increase the home’s resale value. Regardless of where it’s used and in what way, any way that natural stone is implemented will be sure to improve the look of your home. Beyond looks, the type of natural stone you select can also increase the functionality of the area where it is installed.

Quartzite Countertop Colors 

There are many different quartzite colors for countertops. Quartzite slab colors are diverse and beautiful. Typically, white quartzite countertops or gray quartzite countertops are the most common type you will encounter. White quartzite countertops will bring some light to your room, while grey quartzite will help your kitchen shine in a more subdued way.

White Macaubas quartzite countertops are a pristine grey and white natural stone option that can enhance just about any home decor style. Emerald Quartzite Dark, a stone with peaceful patterns of emerald and jade, would make a gorgeous green quartzite countertop. Fantasy Blue quartzite features multiple veins with different colors of the sedimentary compound, from blue to grey to white. There is something for every taste among the quartzite countertop colors available on the market, from beige to brown to purple, green, orange quartzite, or even yellow quartzite. 

Natural quartzite countertops will impress for years to come. If you are worried about combining countertop colors with wall paints, cabinets, and fixtures-relax! They mix and match beautifully with a variety of different styles. White pearl quartzite countertops would look incredible next to similarly toned white cabinets. Classic white kitchen quartzite countertops will never go out of style. If you go for unique emerald or blue countertops be assured they will look fantastic next to stainless steel appliances, allowing the grey veining to come through. Besides that, a quartzite sink countertop can definitely add a special air of elegance to your home and be the perfect finishing touch in the cozy space. 

Quartzite countertop
Photo and design: Paula Devon Raso Interior Design

How To Polish Quartzite

It’s important to remember when cleaning quartzite, simple and quick is best, and as with most natural stone countertops, prevention is key! Quartzite is pretty low-maintenance, and as long as you take basic precautions and use the right cleaning products, your investment should hold up really well throughout the years. All stone suppliers agree that non-abrasive, low pH cleaners applied with a soft cloth or non-abrasive sponge are the best ways to clean a quartzite countertop. Special cleaning products for natural stone are also options, but if you can address any spillage on the surface immediately, soap and water are always the best choices.

Stay away from abrasive sponges as well as the bleach, ammonia, or acid-based cleaners. These products can scratch the surface and wear down the sealant, which can cause your quartzite countertop to look unpolished, and allow for staining and etching. Even though quartzite is difficult to scratch and the drop of a knife shouldn’t leave a mark, it’s not completely resistant to stains if the proper precautions are not followed.

As mentioned above, prevention is the key to keeping your quartzite countertop in pristine condition, so here are the top tips to help you keep your kitchen looking amazing: Using coasters and cutting boards, properly sealing and reapplying sealant once a year, as well as not letting stains sit for long will help maintain your quartzite in the best possible condition for years to come. Spot test cleaning agents to see if they are a viable option for your countertop, and when In doubt keep it simple-just use mild soap and warm water to clean any spills as they happen.

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