Granite Countertops

Granite is a beautiful all-natural stone that is usually used as a structural material. The rock is frequently described as a measurement stone – one that has been quarried to acquire blocks or pieces of a particular shape and size. Granite has been used to construct every little thing from bathroom and kitchen counters to popular monuments.

Granite is located in quarries worldwide, from Brazil to India and even in lots of places in the USA. After granite blocks are reduced right into granite pieces, the pieces are delivered off to manufacturers. When they come to the fabrication facility, they are formed and finished according to the requirements of your countertop.

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Why should you buy Granite countertops?


First of all, the most important feature granite countertops have to offer you is their longevity. It can last you a lifetime! Granite doesn’t include any dangerous chemicals, while at the same time it doesn’t discharge any dangerous radiation or gasses. Consequently, you can say that granite countertops take part in the environment-friendly building motion.

Heat and scrape resistance

Secondly, granite is a really tough compound and is not prone to scrapes. Nevertheless, you should not use the knife on it since it will certainly dull blades. However, it will take regular deterioration quite possibly. Granite stands up to heat as well, so its usage near a variety or cooktop is perfect. When you have to put down a warm frying pan quickly, granite can take the heat without being harmed or weakened. In the shower room, putting a hair tool on it that is still hot will not be a problem.

Moreover, granite is one of the most immune to warmth amongst the most preferred products for kitchen countertops. Granite is formed normally from lava under the Earth’s crust under intense heat and pressure over numerous years. You might claim that granite was birthed of heat, and will certainly stand up to extremely high temperatures going beyond what a regular kitchen will produce. In fact, research reveals that it can withstand heat over 1112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Granite scores a seven on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means that it is mostly scratch-resistant or at least hides small scratches well. You can cut on it, but it isn’t recommended because this will dull your blades as well as perhaps leave a metal deposit behind that can be hard to eliminate.

Granite Countertops


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Chemical and stain resistance

Granite kitchen counters are extremely immune to chemicals. Acids as well as bases will certainly not damage the material. However, be careful of using them too often, as some chemicals will wash away the sealant gradually, requiring re-sealing before the advised time.

Generally, darker granites are extremely dense and in some cases, it will not require a sealer. Lighter granites are much more porous and also might call for multiple layers of sealer to be taken into consideration in order to achieve tarnish immunity. Regardless, if effectively treated, granite is a stain-resistant countertop surface.

Furthermore, granite is really resistant to spots, but water can still cause short-lived discoloration if it’s able to get in. Any kind of fluids that permeate the stone can leave spots, especially oils, fruit juice, and wine. The bright side is that oil stains can be removed with a homemade paste made from baking soda, as well as acetone. Organic stains can be removed by saturating a paper towel in bleach and putting it on the afflicted area.

Maintenance & repairing 

Granite countertops are considered to be a low maintenance kitchen counter surface. The probability of needing to be repaired or resurfaced is quite low. Technology for sealers has actually come a long way throughout the years, subsequently, a granite countertop will last more than 10 years before requiring to be reapplied. When they do need to be reapplied, it is something that many house owners can do on their own as the procedure resembles cleansing. Merely apply the cleansing product and wipe off the unwanted. It is recommended to ask your installer which sealant was initially used as well as make use of the exact same kind to reapply. Some sealers do not play perfectly with each other and also when they are mixed it can develop a sticky mess.

To sum up, granite countertops must be cleaned up daily with soap as well as water or a mild cleaner. Some oils and acids can discolor it so do your research first to avoid discolorations. To guarantee the durability of your financial investment, think about having your countertops resealed on an annual basis.

Granite countertops should be repaired by an expert. It is unusual to obtain a fracture or chip in your countertops, but if you do, speak to the producer who mounted your countertops to schedule a service telephone call. Most of the time, a color-matched epoxy can be made use of to fill the void and it will be almost undetectable. In a pinch, you can utilize super glue to fill a chip. If you make use of heavy cast iron pans, take care when putting them right into your under-mounted sink. The side of these cutouts is one of the most typical areas to obtain chips. A most likely circumstance, though, is to experience an increased number of damaged dishes.

While granite is extremely hard, the effect from heavy things might trigger it to chip. This is most likely to take place around the sink or the edges. Relying on the shade of the countertops, these chips may not show up, yet they can be really felt.


When it comes to natural stones, including granite, we are limited to the shades as well as patterns that nature creates. You will not find a lot of solid patterns or brilliant colors. However, they do exist. Also, look for a large series of shade as well as patterns within the very same color of the stone. It’s always a good idea to view the precise slab that will be produced for your kitchen to make sure they are what you expected to see from the example. Another aspect is that numerous unique kinds of granite have substantial streaming waves, and also a small sample will not be an accurate representation of the entire piece. Granite is not considered one of the kitchen counter surface options with a variety of colors. You will certainly locate a wider series of options with the laminate, strong surface as well as quartz.

However, the granular, igneous stone has a gorgeous crystalline structure as well as an all-natural, upscale charm. A couple of years earlier, it was a fairly unique countertop option located primarily in luxury homes. Nevertheless, over the last few years, granite has ended up being a top choice for kitchen area counters.

Granite has an amazing appeal that few various other countertop products can match. It is an all-natural item with a classic aura and charm. Granite countertops take a premium kitchen or bathroom area to the next level. Subsequently, it can often become the focal point of the space. With more than 20 shades of granite to work with, we are sure you’ll find one that matches perfectly with your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and wall surfaces. Many kinds of stones have beautiful flecks as well as veins. One of the most desirable features of granite’s appearance is that each piece is distinct, even if they originate from the same quarry. This ensures that your granite countertop is really like no other worldwide. A  granite piece could include a variety of tones – blue, green, orange, pink, red, etc., usually in medium to dark shades.

Moreover, granite can be found in various shades and patterns due to the method it’s formed (cooling and solidifying of liquified materials). Whether you’re seeking a refined enhancement to your kitchen or a standout slab with one-of-a-kind mineral incorporations, there is a nearly infinite selection to choose from as well as no two granite countertops are alike.

Natural material

Real all-natural rock like granite, marble, travertine, and also others, are the “natural option” for countertop surface areas. They are quarried from the ground and sliced into slabs for use in your kitchens or bathrooms. 

Granite represents a renewable resource. Nevertheless, considering that it takes hundreds of years to produce, lots of industry experts do rule out granite as a real environment-friendly product. It is essential to keep in mind the stone industry has made huge strides over the last few years to embrace liable quarrying and manufacturing practices. Considering that granite countertops can last a lifetime, including no damaging chemicals, and do not discharge damaging radiation or gasses, they have a place in the eco-friendly structure-activity.

When it comes to differentiating real granite, it is quite easy to, because of its lighter shades. Normally the shades are whites, pinks, or light grays, and also the color is uniform throughout the rock. If you see a stone with multiple colors or with a wild pattern, it’s probably not granite.


Granite Countertops

Sealing granite countertops

Granite is a porous material. A lot of manufacturers will use a sealer to granite kitchen counters before they are mounted which will certainly protect them from absorbing liquids rapidly. Being permeable is not necessarily a negative high quality. If fluids are left externally for long periods of time, they will eventually absorb. Even though they can soak up, they will certainly additionally evaporate. Relying on what the material is that needs to be gotten rid of, you can use different poultices to speed up the process along. However, most will evaporate by themselves without the use of chemicals or cleaning products.

Granite countertops are a long-term investment that needs some recurring upkeep to keep it attractive. The routine for resealing granite countertops relies on several elements.

Reapplying sealer at the right periods will certainly ensure that the granite continues to be immune to discoloration and various other damages, which might mark the surface. Recently with the advent of sophisticated all-natural stone sealants, the upkeep of granite has ended up being much less demanding.


After careful consideration, it can be claimed that granite countertops represent the best possible option. Nevertheless, there are multiple other choices that should definitely be considered. 

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