Finding Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Once you’ve decided on your cabinet style and material, you’re ready to look at color options. The right shade is a crucial detail that shouldn’t be decided upon hastily.

Since cabinetry takes up the majority of a kitchen’s wall space, the coating or wood finish can drastically affect the feel of the room. When it’s time to make a selection, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

First, what is your palette? You’ll want to find a hue that accents your choice of paint, floors, countertops, and backsplash.

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Some people like their cabinets to perfectly match the gray marbling in the granite, while others like to create a stark white contrast against dark hardwood. It all depends on your design preference. An equally important variable is the atmosphere that you’re going for. Do you want a bright and cheery kitchen? Or a deliciously dark and lavish one? Cabinet color is one of the main factors for both.


White Kitchen Cabinets

There’s something so inviting about a pristine and brilliant white. It’s a great way to open up a room and make the space appear larger. Pair it with dark accents for an eye-catching pop or form a uniform feel with matching floor and backsplash tiles.

You really can’t go wrong with either. In fact, the best thing about this color is that it can fit into virtually any kitchen style. Whether you’re going for contemporary characteristics or a familiar farmhouse look, white is always a worthy option.


Cream Kitchen Cabinets

This neutral tone is sure to provide the ultimate level of comfort in your home. Cream cabinets bring handsome hardwood to life and effortlessly achieve that charming country vibe.

Wainscoting and beadboard designs stand out beautifully against these shades and granite islands are given the perfect showcase. It’s a fabulous choice for creating a timeless and vintage setting.


Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray is a wonderfully versatile option due to its many different finishes and hues. Traditional style cabinets with a glossy gray coat add a gorgeous dynamic to any home.

Pair them with wooden accents and a light-colored backsplash, and your kitchen dreams are complete. Gray cabinets are also an excellent approach for establishing a posh and modern mood. Slab designs in dark shades are a bold statement of opulence that can’t be ignored.


Stain Kitchen Cabinets

The most classic kind of cabinet finish is none other than natural wood. There are so many variations of colors, types, and polish, each of which yield a totally different effect. An exceptional style is the rustic cabinet, which is left in its natural state without any gloss and the knots still intact. This is an awe-inspiring feature of cabins and country homes that’s unlikely to be forgotten.

Other choices include craftsman designs that serve to highlight fine wood and quality construction. The type of wood used makes a difference in the grain pattern, but the shade of stain is what really sets things off. Whether you go with a light-yellow maple or a red-tinted cherry, the native beauty is sure to shine through.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

At Savona Design, we offer the most versatile and up-to-date accessories for your kitchen. Our Central New Jersey residents are always eager to discuss their remodel vision with our experts— and we’re happy to do the heavy lifting!

Here’s how our process works:

01. Educate

Talk to one of our experienced designers about your ideas for your new kitchen. We’ll give you our expert advise and give suggestions based on your preferences!

02. Discover

After the initial meeting, we’ll get together to help you discover your options. We’ll take you through your cabinet options, countertops, tiles, flooring and more! And of course, we always make sure to stay on your budget.

03. Design

Once you’ve picked out your new kitchen color and aesthetic, it’s time for the fun part— the design! Our experts will lay out the perfect floor plan for your kitchen remodel.

04. Build

Once everything is in order, our professional installation team will start to build your new kitchen. Our team uses only the best quality materials so your kitchen will be done right the first time.

05. Enjoy

And the last step of Savona Design’s kitchen remodeling process is for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space! If you find any issues after this point, we will be happy to help you resolve them.

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From backsplash and lightning to center islands and family seating, nothing is off limits for your new kitchen remodel. We can even help you coordinate a complete remodel which might require knocking down walls or installing tiles/flooring. If you want new kitchen cabinets or countertops Savona Design will guide you throughout your kitchen remodeling journey. We can even help you pick out some fresh new colors to go with your complete kitchen remodel!

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