Best Guide to Choosing the Right Style of Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to freshen up your kitchen, then cabinets are a great and reasonably inexpensive way to brighten up your kitchen space. The cabinetry you choose for your kitchen makes an essential impact on your cabinet kitchen.

From traditional to country to contemporary, there are many cabinet styles available to suit your needs. Since cabinets are going to remain in your kitchen for decades, so it is essential to consider the best one, so that you won’t regret it after a few years.

To make the cabinet style easier to understand, we have narrowed down the popular kitchen cabinet styles for every taste.

Here is a list of Cabinet Styles

Shaker Style

Shaker cabinets feature clean, simple, and functional design with flat paneled doors, natural finishes, and neutral paint hues. These cabinets are prevalent in today’s kitchens because of the classic and casual look lead to the kitchen, from traditional to contemporary style.

Shaker Style cabinets have the most stylistically versatile cabinet design. These cabinets were traditionally made from high-quality American wood. But now it is common to find them painted in any color under the sun.

To give them a modern look, the upper part is painted with one color and lowers with different paint or wood stain.

Slab Style

Slab style cabinets are similar to contemporary design, but they come with an even more modern look. This style is also known as a flat panel cabinet style. Moreover, it is characterized by its simple design and low maintenance requirement.

These cabinets are relatively inexpensive to make, as they require less material and labor. This cabinet is easy to clean since there are no nooks, crannies, or corners for spills or dust to collect.

Today’s most accessible choice for kitchen cabinet is a slab cabinet, as it is streamlined and easy to clean. These cabinets offer hard lines, minimalist form, and lacks rich details.

Traditional Style

Traditional style cabinets usually feature details in the form of raised-panel doors or beadboard designs. It offers colors range from whites and creams to red, tan, and other wide range of wood hues.

Traditional cabinetries look outdated to some, while others prefer it as a classic look. The main features of these cabinets are raised panels, beadboard details, and other decorations that have become tenuous as modern tastes embrace unfussy looks.

These cabinets are often rendered in dark woods or classic maples painted in neutral colors. These cabinets are available in precious color woods, and carved details are present with the glazing effect.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style cabinets feature flat surfaces and minimal ornamentation, giving your kitchen a clean dan unfussy look. These cabinets are an excellent choice for a small kitchen, due to no molding; they can be taller to provide more storage in areas that lack horizontal space.

The materials used in contemporary style cabinets are mostly human-made, such as metal, glass, plastic, and manufactures wood. These cabinets create a clean look, like shiny hardware-free cabinet doors in a sleek kitchen.

These cabinets are popularly available in white, black, and gray colors, and also in high-gloss or lacquered for an ultra-sleek effect.

Glass-Front Style

Glass front style cabinets are meant to be mixed and matched with solid cabinet doors and become a pretty and practical focal point in your kitchen. These cabinets are usually used as upper cabinets and serve a place to showcase your precious things.

These cabinets are often used delicately in combination with solid cabinets, and some time backlit are also present to add extra drama.

This cabinet also limits the need to open and close cabinets fro searching the right thing as the glass will allow a visual clue. Moreover, it keeps dust and kitchen grime from forming like in opens shelving’s.

Rustic Style

Rustic style cabinets reflect a country or mountain lifestyle through the use of large cabinets, warm colors, and lots of wood with extraordinary details. Instead of having stain finishes, these cabinets have a rough or matte finish that emphasizes the real feel of the wood.

Rubbed-brass or wrought-iron hardware is often used to achieve this cabinet style. This style is further available in two types: Rustic Country-Style and Urban Rustic Style.

Rustic country style cabinets feature raw quality of wood with wood grain, a distressed look, and lack of fancy detail. In comparison, Urban Rustic style aims to add texture and a focus on natural materials to contemporary style.

Louvered Style

Louvered Style cabinets have a unique style that is usually in kitchen islands and decorative cabinets. These cabinets have a hefty price tag and are made from horizontal wood slates, as seen in window shutters and furniture pieces.

These cabinets mostly have spaces between each slat, making them an excellent option for cabinets that requires airing. They feature design topically seen in windows and interior doors, and they add a unique style to your kitchen cabinetry.

Make sure to consider it when you are looking for cabinets near a radiator, a pantry cabinet, or clothes drying cabinet.

Country Style

Country-style cabinets give a cozy, timeless, and down-home vibe in your kitchen. Like traditional style cabinets, these cabinets often come with raised panel, beadboard, and other decorative variations.

Wood is a popular choice for country style cabinets. Moreover, its doors are painted in colors like butter yellow, mint green, and cream. Distressing techniques or milk paint is often applied to enhance the country look even more.

Open Shelving Style

Open Shelving cabinet style is not technically a cabinet style; instead, it is a unique way of incorporating storage in your kitchen, especially in limited wall space. This style requires a certain level of organization and tidiness, so it works best when combined with wall cabinets.

Open shelving
above the cooking area is a smart way to store often used spices and utensils. These shelving are also adding warmth and focal point to a sleek contemporary kitchen.

If you arrange things nicely and don’t need to cover them, then open shelving is an excellent option for you. However, if the arranged things are often messy, then think twice before considering this style.

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