Best Kitchen Renovation Guide: Top 10 Different Types of Countertops

Replacing a scratched stained, or old fashioned countertop can transform any kitchen. There are many options in the market with a wide range of price but know to find a suitable one for you is difficult.

Choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop is a crucial decision; after all, it is going to be there for decades and will have a significant effect on the quality of your kitchen.

Every type of countertop has its pro and cons in terms of look, durability, and resistivity toward heat and stains. So here in this article, you will get answers to all of your questions, and this will probably help you in deciding which one you should buy according to your needs and budget.


Granite countertops are beautiful, elegant, and have outstanding durability. The granite countertop you select might be the last countertop which your home will ever need.

Countertops made from granite are one of the most expensive countertop materials; however, if you will care and maintain it, then it will deliver the look and performance for decades. These counter countertops give a luxury look even to a modest kitchen.


Almost impervious to heat

Very strong and durable

Adds real estate value to the home


Costly material

Not suitable for DIY installation

Slabs may have imperfections.

Quartz (Engineered Stone)

Quartz takes any Countertop to the next level of elegance. It is an engineered product; hence it can be produced in far more options than natural stone countertops.

It is one of the most robust countertop materials available and will deliver decades of durable service while maintaining its beauty. One of the most appealing features of quartz is that it is available in many colors from bright to black with a spectrum in creams, browns, and grays.


DIY installation possible

Easy to maintain, no sealing required.

Resists stains and is impervious to heat and acid



Countertops are very heavy.

Edges and corners can chip.


Laminate countertops remain a popular option because they are affordable and come in the broadest possible range of colors and patterns. These countertops offer excellent adaptability and value.

These are also known as plastic laminates because their surface is made of plastic; hence they are sturdy and durable. Many countertops these types are made to look like the expensive surface like marble and granite.


Very easy to maintain

Thousands of options available

DIY installation is relatively easy​


Seams are always visible.

May be viewed as “low-end” by potential home buyers.

Custom edging and backsplash treatments can add expense.


Marble countertops are another natural stone having unmatchable classic elegance that can turn an ordinary kitchen into extraordinary.

Their popularity rises and falls from time to time, but they remain one of the excellent choices when premium quality is considered. However, apart from its classic charm, it has durability drawbacks for use in kitchens and also tends to stain and to scratch.


Waterproof and heatproof

Adds to the real estate value of a home

Beautiful stone, with unique veining



DIY installation not possible

It can be scratched; repairs are complicated.

Butcher Block

Butcher block countertops or wood countertops remain a popular choice in kitchens especially. Butcher-block countertops are suitable for food preparation and are sometimes used in combination with quartz, granite, and laminate.

Usually, many environment-conscious buyers look for green or eco-friendly countertops like reclaimed wood. Furthermore, wood countertops offer a beautifully warm appearance and are available in a wide large of colors and finishes, and hardwoods like maple and oak are most often used.


Relatively easy to clean

Very long-lasting when properly cared for

Can be sanded and resealed, as needed


Fairly expensive countertop material

Surfaces can be scratched and cut by knives.

Can be damaged by water and stains over time


Tile countertops are produced from ceramic tile, glass tile, and porcelain tile. Tiles are being used as a building material for thousands of years and are most popular due to its affordability and the most significant array of style options.

They are one of the most adaptable materials because they come in an endless variety of colors, styles, sizes, and shapes. That’s why it has never gone out of fashion as a material for use in kitchen remodeling projects.


Easy to clean

Usually affordable

Easy for DIYers to construct


Custom tiles can be costly.

Tile is brittle and may crack under impact.

Grout lines can stain and are difficult to clean.


Soapstone is another natural stone, usually dark gray with a smooth and silky feel. It is used in modern homes as both countertops and sinks material. With time these stones turn into an antique-like patina, which can be very attractive in certain kitchen styles.

Due to the presence of naturally occurring talc in it, it has a soap-like or soft feeling surface. It has some advantages over granite, marble, and other material like it requires the least maintenance and is stain, bacteria, and heat resistant.


Deep, rich color

Somewhat stain resistant

Fairly impervious to heat


May darken over time.

DIY installation not possible

Must be treated with mineral oil


Concrete countertops are on the latest types of countertops offered. Innovations in the way concrete have made them relatively light and can be produced in an array of colors. Moreover, additives are often used to make them thinner and lighter, yet maintaining its strength needed for durability in the kitchen.

Although concrete are prone to cracking but new treatments can reduce this tendency. You can use these countertops if you already have unusually shaped countertops or if want a truly unique kitchen.


Can be color-tinted

Heat and scratch-resistant

Provides a look that is exotic and unusual


No DIY installation possible

Cracking may occur over time.

Costs are high due to custom work.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops combine elegant beauty with outstanding practical benefits for the kitchen. With so many kitchen appliances made from stainless steel, you can select these countertops to blend seamlessly with them.

Stainlessness of the material provides a clean, efficient, and beautiful appearance and blends with the modern accents of lightings and fixtures. If you need a contemporary and industrial look for your kitchen, then it is the right choice.


Impervious to heat damage

Excellent for modern-style kitchens

Easiest of all countertop materials to clean



Very expensive to fabricate

Can be easily scratched; not a cutting surface

Solid Surfacing

Solid surface countertops are a new type of surface that is used in kitchen remodeling projects. As the name suggests, they are made from robust synthetic materials.

They offer the advantages of laminate countertops with higher quality and without the main disadvantages. Once they were rewarded as the premium and luxury countertops but are now a mid-tier, but they are still excellent material to be used in high-end kitchens.


Resists staining

Seams are virtually invisible.

Damage can be easily sanded out.


Moderately expensive

Vulnerable to damage from hot pans

No DIY installation; must be fabricated by pros


You can check out our ideabook to get inspiration for your next home renovation project!

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Kitchen Remodeling

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With so many material options available, we will find the right countertop to fit your home.

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