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All You Need To Know About Kitchen Cabinets, Best Guide For 2020

Kitchen cabinets are one of the essential things in your kitchen that defines the overall environment of your kitchen.

Cabinets are going to stay in your kitchen for decades, so you must buy them smartly. Before

you buy a kitchen cabinet for your kitchen, there are some essential things you should

consider and ask yourself some critical questions.

There are several things you need to think about before you choose a cabinet for your kitchen

renovation, like budget, size, style, and many other things.

So whatever your budget, this article will help you ensure that you are buying the cabinet that

suits your style.

Stock, Semi-Custom and Custom Cabinets

There are three types of kitchen cabinets based on how they are manufactured and sold; these
types are Stock Cabinets, Semi-Custom Cabinets, and Custom Cabinets.

Stock Cabinets

These cabinets are the least expensive as compared to other types. These are constructed in
standard shapes and sizes and are available in a limited number of woods and styles. These
cabinets are mass-produced and are often pre-assembled and ready to install.

Semi-custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets are stock cabinets but with a variety of extra details which helps you
personalize both style and storage according to your need.
You can even go with different dimensions of drawers or with a different finish on the door

Custom cabinets

Custom cabinets are fully built according to your choice of size, style, color, material, and
The construction of these cabinets usually takes a long time and has a high-end price.
However, all these things are paid off by the product since it is built according to your need
and satisfaction.

Cabinet Size

Before getting to the part of choosing the design and look of the cabinet, it would be wise to
consider the size of the cabinet.
After all, the primary use of the cabinet is to hold your cookware, gadgets, and more. Cabinet
size should also be according to space where it will be placed. And of course, custom cabinets
can be built to occupy any space.

The most common size of cabinets are below:

Stock cabinets: 32 to 38 inches (Height), 12 to 36 inches (Width), 20 to 30 inches (Depth)
Wall cabinets: 12 to 42 inches (Height), 9 to 46 inches (Width), 20 to 30 inches (Depth)
Tall cabinets: 84 to 96 inches (Height), 9 to 46 inches (Width), 20 to 30 inches (Depth)

Cabinet Style

When searching for cabinets, you will find two types of cabinets: Framed and Frameless. A
the framed design gives kitchen classic looks, whereas a frameless design gives a sleek and
modern look.

Framed Cabinet

Framed cabinets are those who have structure attached at the form of the box that gives
support for doors and drawers to attach.
With frames on the front, the box can be a bit thinner and eventually will fit in tighter places.
The framing offers rigidity to the cabinet and provides a strong base to or attaching hinges.

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets usually highlight thicker cabinet boxes and doors and drawers are directly
attached. These cabinets allow access to full interior and look more contemporary in modern
These cabinets usually have panel top and back, and base units are mounted on top of a
separate toe-kick. Frameless cabinets are mostly ready-to-assemble, and it is relatively easy.

Cabinet Quality

If you are living in your house for a short time, then you must go with a basic styled cabinet.
However, if it is going to be your “Dream Kitchen,” then you should go with a top-quality
Make sure to look for cabinets that have solid frames, door, drawer fronts, and closed back.
Drawers and doors should be checked many times to check if they are working smoothly and
quietly. The finish of the wood surface of the cabinet should be smooth.
For a comprehensive quality check, ask yourself the following questions.


  • Is the used wood hard?
  • Does it slide smoothly and quietly?
  • Are there joints holding the drawer firmly together?

Box and doors:

  • Does it have a durable wood panel?
  • Does the door open easily?
  • Is the door open wide?

Cabinet Budget

The cabinet you will select will set the tone of your kitchen and played a significant role in
transforming your space. But before looking for anything in the cabinet, first, consider your
intuition for home.
Like if you are going to live in that home for a short time, then consider looking for a low or
mid-budget cabinet; however, if you are creating a dream kitchen to enjoy for decades, then
invest a good amount of money.
Basic cabinets can cost around $100 per foot while the premium cabinets can cost about $500
per foot and even higher. Usually, the kitchen cabinet costs 40 percent of the total renovation
budget of your kitchen.

Cabinet Decorating Style

Before making your final decision, make sure to look in magazines and stores to find what
look you like. Stock cabinets come in a limited number of styles; however, semi-custom and
custom cabinets offer a lot of choices.
Choose a style that blends well with the other interiors things in your kitchen, so that it will
not look very odd in your kitchen.
Make sure to choose the color that you like, so that you will not regret it after a few months.
If you choose a light-colored cabinet, then your kitchen will look more spacious and airy;
however, if you choose a dark-colored cabinet, then your kitchen will have a grander sense of
style. Either will work well in a kitchen; it just depends on your taste and vision for space.

Non-Toxic Cabinets

You might not have thought that your kitchen cabinet is affecting your home air quality.
There are some materials and finishes used in their construction that may contain
If someone inhales formaldehyde, it can cause critical medical conditions like nose and lung
cancer and it also increases your sensitivity to other chemicals, such as used in paints,
finishes, and even cosmetics.
To avoid the health risks and environmental effects of formaldehyde, you can choose
cabinetry made of solid wood or non-toxic material like MAsonite’s PrimeBoard.
However, non-toxic cabinetries are hard to find and are expensive because only a few
manufacturers produce it.
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