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Best Savona Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for 2020 (New Guide)

23 Best Savona Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

A kitchen is a place that requires a lot of storage space, and it should also look attractive. Soto jazz up your kitchen storage cabinets with beautiful colors, finishes, and hardware, we have brought you some ideas you can use to glorify your kitchen. Whether it is a traditional look or something modern, these design ideas are a lot ahead of dreary plain-old cupboards. So whether you are looking to get your new kitchen cabinets or want to give a small upgrade to your kitchen, these designs are worth taking a look.

Here is a list of 23 Cabinet styles you can use in your kitchen:

1. Skirted Cabinets

If you have open cabinets, but you don’t love the way they look, then a simple way to make it fresh is to cover them up with DIY curtains. You can go with cafe curtains or measure and cut your favorite chosen fabric accordingly and then hang it with a rod.

2. Pastel Shade Cabinets

Pastel shades of cabinets still give a cool look. You can go with pistachio green color, which is light and fresh, but keep in mind to inject it a little more character than other neutral shades.

3. Metal Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets with wooden worktops provide a flexible and durable solution for your kitchen storage problem. That’s why this type of style is so prevalent in professional kitchens. Moreover, they also add an industrial edge. However, modern lighting and pop of red paint feel fresh and crisp.

4. Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are a great way to display your pretty attractive tableware and decorative objects, and also the glass makes it feel more open and roomy. These cabinets are also an excellent way to lighten up a dark kitchen.

5. Floating Cabinets

You can try floating cubbies that blend into the wall instead of open floating shelves, which is a pretty cool kitchen storage idea. You can go with Dries Otten, which mixes a playful style with modern features in your kitchen.

6. Metal Grate Cabinets

Cabinets with a metal grate in front instead of glass covering is an excellent look for between closed and open storage type. This type also over-performs glass front type cabinets when you are concerned about essential inside the cabinet because one cannot see through it complete as compared to glass fronts where it fully visible from outside.

7. Fancy Hardware Cabinets

Need a kitchen with sexy and smoky vibes, then consider going with this style. In this, every detail adds to the luxurious look of the space. Since swapping out hardware can be the most straight forward upgrade to make in a kitchen, it can also be transformative.

8. Chicken Wire Cabinets

A traditional white kitchen can be a bit bull, so to make it a little bit more interesting, and you can add hidden details like the patterned mesh cabinet fronts.

9. Whitewashed Cabinets

The whitewashed cabinet is a great choice to glorify your kitchen stylishly and straightforwardly. You can use grey color, which softens the contrast between black and white, and it also acts as a filler to stainless steel in your kitchen. To get most out of your design, go for ash wood or whitewash brown wood cabinets.

10. Interior Painted Cabinets

Painted interior cabinets of a color that matches with an accent piece in the kitchen are an excellent option to make a kitchen look plain and beautiful. Moreover, it is good to go with energetic colors if you are worried about painting the whole room.

11. Locked Cabinets

Worried about the dishes and antiques falling out of the cabinet, then add a lock to the doors. The style not only looks elegant but also ensures safekeeping.

12. Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are helpful when you need extra storage space afterward. You can go with slim cabinets on each side for items like cooking sheets and trays.

13. Open Cabinets

To make your cooking more accessible and to keep your pretty cookware and tableware on display, you can skip the doors and keep your cabinets open.

14. Lacquered Cabinets

You can make your kitchen glamorous with a high gloss in profound and dramatic colors like

wine red. The intense full color adds so much depth and glamour in the kitchen that it pumps other things up to the next level.

15. Grooved Kitchen Cabinets

Grooved and wood-paneled kitchen cabinets are a cutting edge and modern. By using an intense color on cabinets, light backgrounds look more beautiful.

16. Multi-colored Cabinets

You can give your kitchen a dazzling style by painting your cabinets in two different colors. The blend of a lighter and dark color will help it blend in a light backsplash and will ground the space.

17. Cream Cabinets

You have a rustic kitchen and want to add some modern touch to it, then you should go with the cream cabinets. White cabinets and stainless steel equipment make the kitchen look clean and fresh.

18. Textured Cabinets

You can give your kitchen some style by bringing texture to the cabinets. Grooved or paneled cabinets are a bit unique. Moreover, these cabinets stick to the form of the kitchen while spicing things up.

19. Printed Cabinet

Nowadays, it is easy to find printed boards for cabinet designing; however, you should keep the print element in balance to a non-dramatic cooking area. You can try it by making one layer of cabinet understandable and classy, whereas the other one displaying prints and shades to make it unique.

20. Full-Height Cabinet

The gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling is wasted space. While traditional cabinets design asks for space above them but modern design ignores this rule instead have cabinets to the ceilings.

21. Traditional Cabinet

Cabinets with classic decoration and style details give a traditional style to the elegant kitchen. To prevent the conventional style from feeling dull, add some dose of casual decorations such as beaded-board panels in the kitchen.

22. Specialized Storage Cabinet

Many cabinets have a wide range of special-use storage units so you can mix and match to

get the type of storage you need, like the storage for bottles and cubbies with clear glass doors to show off your tableware and decorative.

23. Maple Cabinet

The kitchen with light maple cabinets is clean and simple. A large portion is loaded with doors for easy access to all essentials. The simple door style and soft Ginger finish surely brighten your mood every time you enter.


There are a lot of kitchen cabinets designs that you can use in your kitchen to improve your space and style. It all depends on your kitchen style and which design you like the most. I hope this article helps you to find the best kitchen cabinet design for your kitchen.

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