The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home

We believe that your kitchen cabinets should help develop a sanctuary that offers a perfect balance of functionality and ambiance. With a range of styles, materials, and finishes available, we offer a multitude of options catering to your specific taste and needs. We make building a luxury kitchen affordable, without compromising on comfort, quality, and efficiency.

There truly is no better blend of style, selection, and price than a Fabuwood cabinet. Our unique collections transform modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out, adorning kitchen walls throughout the nation.


Savona Kitchen & Bath is a product reseller of Fabuwood in New Jersey. We are the perfect choice for your kitchen remodeling projects. Get your free consultation now to start your kitchen remodeling project with Fabuwood.


What exactly defines a Q12 cabinet?

To fully achieve Q12 eligibility, a cabinet must meet twelve unique standards of quality. Click through to learn more about the twelve fundamental pillars that establish the Q12 qualification:

01. Quality Sourced Lumber

This Q12 standard requires the use of carefully selected top-grade lumber, guaranteeing the finest and most dependable kitchen cabinets. To meet this requirement, Fabuwood has implemented a rigorous inspection process to assure that only first-class products, free of irregularities, leave the plant.

02. Pro Touch Techniques

To fully permeate a Q12 assessment, expert finishing methods are required to influence first impressions and assure a lasting finish that is easy to maintain. Our own pro touch technique uses renowned brands to create a durable, simple-to-clean cabinet that will hold its beauty for years.

03. Dovetail Construction

Another important facet of Q12 is the required use of dovetail construction. This process involves plywood side panels to perfectly interlock with a solid wood face frame through corresponding dovetail grooves. This highly resilient technique that we introduced to the market guarantees that Q12 cabinet lines are secure, strong, and long-lasting.

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