Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas 2022 For Your Bathroom

A lot of people who choose to install tile in their shower want it for its sleek, contemporary look. It’s available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes that make it easy to design your entire bathroom around. When it comes to ceramic tile shower ideas in 2022 there has never been so much choice.

Current trends for shapes include hexagonal, fish scale, classic squares, and elongated rectangles. There is an array of available textures ranging from stone-look surfaces, fluted textures, terrazzo, wood, and even concrete effect. On top of that, you can choose different laying designs and sizes, from large scale to the tiniest mosaics.

Constantly looking for ceramic tile shower ideas on how to make bathrooms as full of character as the other rooms of the home, shower tiling has become increasingly decorative and creative. Bold geometrics, unusual layouts, and vibrant colors are ideal for ensuring that your shower has plenty of visual appeal and charm, rather than just being a functional space. In this article, we put together the ultimate list of ceramic tile shower ideas 2022 for your bathroom, and we are sure you will find something you love among these stunning options.

Go Big With Patterns 

Patterned tiles are an increasingly popular trend in shower bathrooms. This type of tile is attractive and can also camouflage minor stains or chips that may happen with time. Larger patterned tiles make up the base while smaller pattern items go on top, creating a unique pattern built off of this dichotomy between uniformity and decorating elements. Match a simple, minimalist floor with a patterned shower tile to keep the interest on it. For an invigorating space embrace patterns and use them in bulk! Use a rustic tile in repetition to create a Mediterranean feel. The shower is increasingly being seen as an opportunity to add an exciting splash of color and vibrant character into a bathroom. 

When In Doubt Go With Subway Tiles

If you are desperate for ceramic tile shower ideas you can never go wrong with subway tiles! If you love this style-go all in! Install subway tiles from floor to ceiling and even outside shower walls. Combined with a glass panel door it will show off the tile perfectly and keep the space airy, effortlessly elegant, and open. Subway tiles are currently the most sought-after type of tile. They often contain gray, white, or sometimes some other neutral color. Using these tiles makes your bathroom look very clean in a minimalistic way. These tiles are normally laid horizontally to show continuity between locations as well.

Ceramic tile shower ideas in a colorful bathroom
Photos by Chipper Hatter

This tile trend isn’t going anywhere, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Do a two-tone design, add black grouting to accentuate the white tiles, or choose a daring or even a pastel color that will suit your bathroom design. Combine your white subway tiles with bold fixtures or statement wallpaper on the walls of the bathroom. This way you can ensure keep it fun and add interest to your bathroom space, without overwhelming the space. Don’t neglect to pick the best bathroom vanity for your space too, it will change the game. 

Marble Is Timeless

Marble’s opulent and cool aesthetic looks dazzling in a range of interiors, from minimal and laid-back to chic and eclectic styles saturated with color. Marble tiles are a luxurious and stylish choice for ceramic tile shower ideas. They come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and textures, so you can find the one that will meet your needs. There are many options for renovating your bathroom with marble tiles – a backsplash, or full-wall installation on walls near plumbing fixtures.

It’s not necessary to choose dark colors for your ceramic tile shower ideas in 2022 if you want to create an elegant spa feel; lighter shades like off-white and crema work well with marble traditional ceramic tile shower ideas would be darker for recessed lighting, so avoid light colors if you’re keen on that effect. White-gray marble is a hugely popular choice that works well as an accent piece or used all over and will be a luxurious statement in the space. 

Of course, Calacatta-style white isn’t the only style dominating the bathroom remodeling scene, as the mineral’s natural pattern makes it attractive in many different colors. Be it atmospheric deep-sea emerald green or earthy warm-toned browns we see more people gravitating towards richer, darker marble in 2022 for ceramic tile shower ideas. 

Herringbone Is Having A Moment

Different ceramic tile shower ideas and styles are available, but one style that is trending right now is herringbone tile. This can give a refreshing, modern feel to the space and can lead to a nice aesthetic change. Herringbone tiling implies simple water flow in showers and a clean, elegant look. These ceramic tiles allow you to play around with shots of color and textures while adding value and style to your moment. It’s not just the shower walls that can get these sleek touches either, by flipping the tiles on their side, you can add some interest up high as well on down low with shingles or hexagon versions.

Herringbone tile configuration can be reminiscent of vintage Paris apartments, having a romantic, sleek allure that many homeowners gravitate towards. Playing with the layout of your tiles can make a stunning focal point, even in a minimalist bathroom adding a lot of movement and energy to your space.

One way to create an updated herringbone look for your ceramic tile shower is by using hexagonal shape pieces in both regular and corner pieces with dark grout as the accent color if you don’t have dark tile already in your shower.

The traditional herringbone pattern mimics the antiquity of family homes with its laid-back elegance. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find a new design for the bathroom. This is where herringbone tiles come in as an easy way to add luxuriousness without spending a lot of money.

Herringbone ceramic tiles can be used as either the shower tile or the floor tile to create a true sense of symmetry. They are often arranged in a diagonal pattern on one side and either laid out diagonally on the opposite side or staggered in a brick-studded horizontal alignment. It’s all about personal preference!

Ceramic herringbone tile in a shower
Photo and design: KERV Interiors

Add Flare with Art Deco

If you are looking for something fresh, new, and exciting when considering ceramic tile shower ideas for 2022, why not dive into an Art Deco shower design and use a lustrous scalloped tile? These tiles are thin with a wavy or flat top, rather than ridged, to provide lovers of classic art with a contemporary take on that style. The historic look lends itself well to a bath remodel. For example, matte finish tiles have an antique bas relief tile finish that creates geometric patterns and deep, luxurious color schemes as well as a sheen to reflect light and create depth. Classy and cute, the scallop motif can make a nice change from the herringbone and subway tile trend. For a quintessential twenties feel go for brass or brass fixtures and hardware, to make them stand out and add an air of class. 

Amp up this uplifting design further by combining it with different style tile for the walls outside of the showers and a striking floor tile design. Mix and match colors to find the ideal balance and show off your personality. Here you can see a gorgeous pink, vintage claw-foot freestanding tub on a Mediterranean style flooring, backed with classic white subway ceramic tile while the focal point remains on the aqua green scalloped shower tiles.

Ceramic tile shower with a clawfoot tub
Photo and design: Tile Desire

Designers worldwide converge on tile pattern offerings every year with high hopes for something new for ceramic tile shower ideas, usually in vain because the pattern that forever eclipses all others is art deco tiles. The lure is understandable: typified by intricate, yet simply designed shapes and forms, by generously-sized grout lines, and by expanses of flat, saturated color–art deco tiles are fashionably forward-thinking for space with growth potentials like a bathroom shower.

Create a Feature Tile Wall

If you want to create a luxurious statement one way to do it is to make a feature wall of brightly patterned shower tiles. When it comes to patterns for your ceramic tile shower ideas, keep things simple but bold as this creates a less busy look and keeps the style quite contemporary. Pick a genre of patterns and stick to it, combining two graphic options would work perfectly while adding a floral on top of that could be overwhelming. You might want to keep borders and the rest of the walls a fairly neutral color, to avoid overdoing it. 

Achieve an interesting eye-catching design by arranging tiles in an irregular pattern. Hexagonal tiles can work beautifully for this purpose. Instead of laying tiles in classic symmetrical sections and across an entire wall, make a staggered effect to make it a focal point. Although modern, it can be evocative of gorgeous ancient buildings where areas of tiling have worn away giving it a slight vintage vibe. 

Make it Modern With Geometric Tiles

If you’re looking for something in-between square and hexagon tiles, choose triangular ones. They will give your room an interesting geometric feel without getting too out there. It’s a great ceramic tile shower idea for bathrooms in 2022.

It’s also easy to create an entire shower with them so look beyond just a backsplash! One of the best designs for a new shower is the geometric one. Geometric tiles have many shapes and sizes, both classic and funky. The choice is really up to what you want and what your ceramic tile shower ideas are.

For example, a seamless back wall made of ceramic geometric tiles is a very popular style. A geometric pattern will make the room look more modern and visually appealing while a grid pattern is also an attractive option that if properly done might provide no visible grout joints at all.

Geometric ceramic tiles will add some visual interest to otherwise uniform walls. They are available in many different patterns that can be mixed and matched to create custom looks. A small square type pattern adds a delicate touch to any room while a larger hexagonal pattern contains more personality and provides an element of whimsy.

The use of geometric tiles can help to update a shower. It can provide fun, through colors and non-conventional shapes. Though it might not be the most practical type of ceramic tile shower idea from a slip hazard standpoint, it’s worth mentioning that there are options available for altering grout colors that may better reflect the type of mood you’re looking for.

Mosaic Pazzaz

Looking to shake things up with a different texture or shape? Explore a mosaic style ceramic tile shower idea to add intricate design to your bathroom space. They are not only a beautiful, interesting pattern but they can add a ton of texture with their pearlescent glaze and crackled finish. You can find matching ceramic tile trims to finish off the look and make it more cohesive. 

Mosaic intricate ceramic tiles can create a pattern, burst of color, or exploration of texture. Tiles offer instant art and are available in beautiful colors. This can be accomplished by using different shapes, sizes, and textures. Mosaic tile is a really fun way to make your shower stand out. They come in so many patterns and colors, which will give your bathroom a really fresh feel. Seams of mosaic tiles may not be as smooth as with other tiles but that just adds more character and makes the room more inviting.

Lean Into The Organic

A recent trend in bathroom ceramic tile shower ideas 2022 is to look for something that has a natural feel. One such material is wood tile and these are really popular for a more organic finish to a bathroom. These can be used as just an accent wall or as a feature, so there is plenty of versatility to choose from depending on your needs.

A ceramic tile shower
Photography by Paul Linnebach

Introducing wood into a room that usually consists of hard surfaces can help balance the space out and add a beautiful natural aura. Find a tile that mimics a worn-wood effect, bringing in warmth and giving the space an organic, airy feel. Combine this style with different shades of the earth like sand or rich wood to add dimension and further interest and depth. Add accessories like plants, linen textiles, and bamboo pendant lights to unite the design.

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We provided an extensive list of dazzling ceramic tile ideas for 2022 in this article, as well as a great deal of information about the best ways to style them. If you are in the market for new ceramic shower tiles for creating your dream bathroom or remodeling your old one we hope we helped you get at least a step closer to making your decision. If you want more ideas and inspiration you can browse our website. In case you already made your choice, get in touch with our team and discuss your project idea! We are here and ready to help you create your ideal bathroom space. We offer FREE consultations! Contact us today and let’s get started.

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