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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity for Your Home

When buying or remodeling a house we often get caught up in the excitement of having the perfect kitchen or master bedroom and we overlook the little things. A bathroom vanity is a vital piece of furniture that is often overshadowed by more flashy details during the home remodel or purchase. This article aims to highlight how important it is and why it should be taken into consideration when shopping around for your new home. The first thing that you should know about the bathroom vanity is what exactly it does. It will typically sit alongside the toilet and sink and can come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. In general, they do have more than one function which includes storage space as well as adding style to your bathroom.

For many people, the bathroom is their most important room in the house. It’s not only a place where we clean up after a long day, but it’s our own oasis of peace and tranquility. Your bathroom should be practical and attractive to use. This is why picking the perfect vanity is essential. Bathroom vanities play a crucial role in the style of your bathroom space.  However, in order to make sure you choose the best bathroom vanity for your home, you need to consider these important points: what is the size of your bathroom, what style are you going for, how much storage space do you need, what is your budget, etc. Luckily, we are here to help you pick the perfect bathroom vanity for your home. Continue reading to find all the necessary information about purchasing bathroom vanities. 

What to consider when buying a bathroom vanity

We all know that kitchens and bathrooms are both rooms that are usually the main focus of the home buyer when looking for a new home, so it is no surprise that they have a huge impact on your property value. If you are buying a property for the first time or remodeling your house, it is likely that you want to create a cozy environment that is enjoyable to live in. A bathroom should be designed to showcase how beautiful your home is and the vanity should be one of the first things that you look at when buying a new property or remodeling.

If you’re wondering what you should look for when shopping for bathroom vanities, here are some expert tips. 

What is the size of your bathroom? Where will it go in the room?

To find the perfect bathroom vanity, you need to consider your bathroom layout, the location of electrical sockets and switches, and plumbing. When deciding whether to use a double sink or a single sink, pay attention to the surrounding bathroom fixtures such as toilets, showers, bathtubs, and doors. It’s crucial that your vanity can fit into the existing layout of your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity cabinets should be proportional to the overall size of your room and other existing furnishings. Each room is different, so open vanity doors and drawers to measure the dimensions of your bathroom.  Make sure the vanity doesn’t obstruct the traffic flow of the bathroom space. You should be able to navigate through the room with ease. 

If you have a smaller bathroom, a corner bathroom vanity can help solve some of the potential space problems. Double bathroom vanities are a great choice for bigger bathrooms where you have a little more space to fill. 

Does it have enough storage space?

When choosing a bathroom vanity, always check how much storage space it has. This is usually the first thing that buyers look at when they start browsing around online and at property openings.  It is very important that you make sure that your bathroom vanity has enough room for all of the things that you need to store. It could be useful to make a list of all the items you plan to keep in it so you can get a better picture of what you should be looking for. Also, make sure that the storage is adequate. It is better to have a vanity that is only half the size and is the right fit in the bathroom for your needs. This will help you make the most of the space available. 

Bathroom vanity sizes

Depending on your bathroom size and whether you need a double or single bathroom vanity, you will choose the appropriate vanity for your space. 

Bathroom vanity height is a crucial element to consider when choosing a comfortable vanity. Normally the standard height for bathroom vanity is between 32 inches and 39 inches. Children often need a shorter vanity, so make sure you take that into account. 

The depth of a bathroom vanity is important because of the floor space available, so pay attention to that and the door swing so you can open them without any obstruction from other bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom vanity widths are between 24 inches to 72 inches. A 30 inch or 36-inch bathroom vanity might be ideal for smaller bathrooms or guest bathrooms, while a 48-inch bathroom vanity is better for medium bathrooms and could even fit a double sink. 

What type of material do you want?

Considering bathroom vanity materials is not only an aesthetic decision, it is also a practical one. A bathroom is a place that will have to endure a lot of water, humidity, cleaning products, and more. This is why you need to choose materials that will be durable and withstand the steam, scratches, wear and tear of daily life. The safest bet is to choose materials that are waterproof, scratch, and stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. 

Check the reviews

When choosing a bathroom vanity, you want to make sure you are getting good quality at an excellent price. Great bathroom vanity should not only be stylish, but durable. Before purchasing a bathroom vanity, you should do your research, speak to your designers and installers, and definitely be sure to check reviews and look for signs of good quality in all aspects of the vanity including soft close drawers and solid countertops, so that you can be absolutely certain you are getting the best bang for your buck. 

Choose your vanity sink style

Bathroom vanity sinks can serve as an attractive accent to your bathroom. When you are choosing your bathroom vanity, you should take into consideration the sink style. It’s important to find a bathroom vanity sink that meets your needs and layout to ensure the overall look and function of your bathroom. 

There are many types of vanity sinks that you can choose from such as the undermount sink, drop-in sink, vessel sink, integrated sink. The main thing to take into account when deciding on a sink is how much counter space do you need because the sink will inevitably take up some of it. The next important thing to think about is the style of the sink bowl, faucets, and taps. Another practical consideration is who will be using the sink? Depending on your needs and the amount of space you have, it might be practical to have a double vanity and two sinks if there will be more than one person using it at the same time. 

Bathroom vanity types 

There are many different bathroom vanity styles and options for you to choose from, including freestanding bathroom vanities and built-in bathroom vanities. When deciding, think about the practicality and style that will perfectly complement your space. 

Built-in bathroom vanity

  • They are excellent for larger bathrooms and they offer you ample storage space and plenty of countertop space. 

Freestanding bathroom vanity

  • They are very sturdy options, they stand on their own as independent structures and allow for abundant storage space. But this also means they take up a significant amount of space as well, so they are better suited for larger bathrooms. 

Corner bathroom vanity

  • They are excellent for limited spaces and can provide an interesting look and adequate storage. They have restricted counter space but they will leave enough room in your bathroom for a nice traffic flow. 

Wall-mounted bathroom vanities or floating bathroom vanity

  • They are great if you’d like to create a modern look in your bathroom and don’t need a lot of storage space. They are simple and clean, and they can fit into a bathroom of any size. 

Bathroom vanity colors

The bathroom vanity can be the visual focal point of your bathroom that decides the style and atmosphere of the whole space. There is a wide range of options available, but our advice when choosing a bathroom vanity color is to go with timeless and evergreen colors that will outlive the passing trends. Some of the most popular choices are white, blue, and black.

White bathroom vanity

If you’re looking to create a sleek and elegant bathroom, white is the perfect color for your bathroom vanity. For example, the Brittany 46” bathroom vanity in white is a stunning and practical choice, allowing ample storage and a gorgeous design that will certainly elevate your bathroom style. White is an easy color to match with other elements and it will remain trendy regardless of the era. 

White bathroom vanity 46"

Blue bathroom vanity

Blue vanities can be just the thing for you if you’d love to create a luxurious and royal atmosphere in your bathroom. While it’s forever a classic, blue can also be a very adventurous color that can add a little pop to your space. Our gorgeous Brittany 60” Victory Blue double vanity is exactly the shade that will take your breath away and help you create a stunning bathroom. Stylish and fashionable, this blue vanity is perfect if you need abundant storage space. 

Blue bathroom vanity 60"

Black bathroom vanity

Sophisticated and daring, black bathroom vanities can ensure a unique vibe for your space. If your goal is to make a big statement, then this could be the best choice for you. Paired with gold hardware and a luxurious vanity countertop, they can make your bathroom look elegant and timeless. 

Black bathroom vanity
Photo by Kitchen Intuitions

Bathroom vanity styles

There are many different bathroom vanity styles, but our customer favorites are usually modern and contemporary vanities or classic and farmhouse vanities. Depending on your personal preference you can choose the ideal vanity for your space. There is no wrong choice when deciding this, only you know what will work for your home and family, so relax and let your creativity flow.

Modern bathroom vanity

Creating a contemporary bathroom with style and function is a breeze with the Chicago 30” bathroom vanity. This gorgeous mahogany and walnut vanity has a clean and elegant look that will completely transform your bathroom. This light wood bathroom vanity has an incredible brushed nickel finish on the legs and hardware in modern silver color. It’s ideal for smaller spaces and will provide sufficient storage space without making compromises on the side of design. 

Modern single bathroom vanity

Farmhouse bathroom vanity

If you love rustic bathroom vanities and want to create a cozy, farmhouse atmosphere in your bathroom, we suggest you take a look at the Castilian 36” bathroom vanity. This ornate vanity was built with a lot of attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship that is evident in every inch of its design. Castilian farmhouse bathroom vanity has antique brass finish hardware that gives it a timeless elegance and completes the look. 

Farmhouse bathroom vanity

Find the best bathroom vanities at Savona

Wondering where you can find bathroom vanities near you? If you live in the New Jersey area, you can find the best and most affordable bathroom vanities at Savona Kitchen and Bath in Green Brook NJ. We have a wide selection of bathroom vanities, countertops, and tiles that will help you transform your bathroom into a proper home spa. 

For a more detailed look at how to plan and choose the right vanity for your own bathroom design, we recommend meeting with our design experts who can help guide you through the entire process. You can schedule a showroom appointment or free consultation with our team. We’d be happy to hear about your remodeling project and provide our expert advice.    

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