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Everything you need to know about tiles before remodeling your bathroom

Tiles typically establish the motif for a bathroom layout whether it is as a simple canvas or a striking aesthetic effect. With so many options when it comes to the tile texture, shape, style, color, patterns, and so on, it is difficult to choose the right tile for your bathroom. Especially, when it comes to considering functionality characteristics of tiles, their resilience, etc. Consequently, picking out tiles for your bathroom remodeling project is not a simple step anymore.

How to choose the right tile for your bathroom?

In order to pick out the perfect tile for your bathroom remodeling project, you will need to consider multiple factors that will help you in this process. Nowadays, there are various types of tiles, developed for different applications and performance needs. The tiles you are looking for must be suitable for a bathroom, so you should consider both visual as well as functional factors before choosing the right one.

Bathroom Tiles Remodeling

When it comes to visual factors, consider tile shape, color, pattern, and structure, as well as ease of care. You do not want to end up with unmanageable tiles. On the other hand, you should also consider technical characteristics such as solidity, water, and slip resistance.

Types of tiles

Nowadays, the modern ceramic industry produces a basically unlimited variety of colors, dimensions, designs, shapes, as well as structures that can add unique charm as well as personality to any space in your home. We have made a list of basic tile types which we offer in our store, along with their applications and constraints, so you can make the right choice more easily.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles represent slim pieces of clay or various other inorganic products, hardened by oven firing and normally coated with some sort of polish. Ceramic is one of the best choices when it comes to the durability factor. Ceramic tile represents a perfect fit for any bathroom and kitchen space since it’s very easy to clean and represents a hostile environment for germs. Ceramic floor tiles are incredibly hard which makes them easier to clean and preserve, whereas they can be unpleasant to stand on. This material, unlike durable floors, cannot be softened utilizing cushioned underlayments, meaning ceramic tiles might not be the perfect choice for you if you prefer softer flooring.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are really solid as well as highly unsusceptible to water, which makes them a perfect fit for bathroom remodeling projects. Porcelain tiles come in various styles: unglazed with a polished, natural, or textured coating. On the other hand, glazed porcelain tiles can be gloss, matte, or textured.

Semi-polished or ‘lappato’ coating is a distinctive ceramic tile that has been brightened to a luster while preserving a few of the structure and durability. Moreover, porcelain tiles are also highly resistant to stain, frost, scratch, moisture, and even harsh cleaning products! If you have kids, this is a perfect choice for you! 

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can be found in multiple and various forms, colors, and sizes. Glass tiles are predominantly utilized in mosaics for their visual function, as a comparison to primary materials. Glass tiles require low maintenance since all you need to keep them clean is a home window cleaner and a cloth. This makes them a perfect option for showers where soap accumulation is typical and needs to be removed on a regular basis. . However, if you’re considering glass tile for a shower floor, bear in mind that glass can be much more slippery when wet, than porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Bathroom Tiles

Travertine Tiles

Travertine represents a type of limestone that consists of mineral deposits from natural springs. Its marble-like appearance and eye-catching earth-tone colors make it one of the most preferred stones utilized for remodeling projects. Travertine tiles are also moisture and water-resistant, which makes them incredibly durable. Offered in grays, white and tan, as well as in a warm, rustic color, this perfectly smooth and thick stone is used in numerous renovation projects.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are used not just for floor covering, but for wall tiling, backsplashes, tipping stones, roofs, and a range of various other usages as well. Slate tiles are resistant to water; in addition to their structure, this makes them one of the best slip-proof tiles for bathrooms. A slate tile floor is incredibly strong and sturdy. With appropriate care, it will last you a lifetime. Moreover, slate is a natural insulator – it’s warm during winter and cool in the summer. This is one of the numerous advantages slate has to offer since it cuts down your heating and cooling costs.

Marble and Stone Tiles

Marble and stone tiles such as limestone, travertine, or granite, represent stunning natural products that have been popular for many years when it comes to more luxurious bathroom remodeling projects. Stone tiles require even more care in laying, especially in view of maintenance after installation. Thus, they have been replaced by porcelain floor tile imitations in bathroom improvements. Nevertheless, the uniqueness you get from natural stone tiles is something you should definitely consider. Natural stones are sourced from all around the world. Each piece of stone that is extracted is one of a kind and sophisticated. Thus, no two pieces are alike for any bathroom remodeling project.


Porcelain tiles represent the very best of all worlds for bathroom floor and wall coverings, as it is waterproof, elegant, and affordable. Just like stone tiles, porcelain tiles also have an abundant, distinctive, bold appearance. They are water-resistant and relatively affordable as well. The density of porcelain tiles makes them much more resilient than ceramic tiles, while at the same time, less prone to damage. In a nutshell, based on both visual and functional aspects of tile, it can be claimed that porcelain tiles are the best choice all factors considered.

Nevertheless, if your budget for a bathroom remodeling project is not that tight, and you are really keen on aesthetics, you should go with marble and stone tiles. There is something so mesmerizing about marble, nobody is immune to its captivating effect! However, be cautious around marble and other natural stone tiles, since they are more prone to discoloration and physical damage, unlike the synthetic ones. However, slate tiles as a natural stone, are almost impossible to scratch or chip. They are a bit costly but have a timeless design, like most natural stones do, and won’t need to be maintained all too often.

2020 Bathroom Tile trends

After consultations with our professionals, we have identified the leading 2020 bathroom tile trends you ought to look out for. The focus in 2020 is on the coatings, shades, shapes, and patterns.

Tiles with graphic patterns 

This style really offers house owners the possibility to use their imagination, or employ a designer to get innovative for them. Today we are mainly seeing encaustic ceramic tiles being a preferred choice for those with formed tiles. 

Patterns ranging from florals, elaborate graphics as well as textile motivated designs have ended up being increasingly popular and also it’s simple to see why. Efficient use of formed tiles can develop an amazing layout statement and are being used in all areas of the residence including bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Designers are leading the way with cutting-edge as well as creative applications.

Tiles with matte finishes 

A benefit of matte ceramic tiles is that they do not show smudges nor watermarks as easily as shiny floor tiles. This makes them suitable for the bathroom floors, particularly in busy and crowded bathrooms. The low sheen makes them much easier to maintain. When installing matte finish tiles, make sure there is enough lighting, both all-natural and synthetic, as these ceramic tiles are not known for showing light. 

If you are looking for everlasting elegance, matte ceramic tiles are the right choice for you. They will be a wonderful addition to your remodeling project if you are looking for an earthy style in your bathroom.

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Neutral Tiles

Homeowners are in love with neutrals, particularly nude neutrals such as gray, as well as creams. Gray and beige have become extremely popular as complementary neutrals.

For bathrooms that require a little bit more brightness, white is ideal. The bathroom is designed for relaxation and these colors strengthen this environment. By being neutral, they allow the mind to remain calm, making the bathroom your special little relaxing nook. You can use these colors from the flooring right to the ceiling. In order to make sure that your bathroom won’t end up looking lifeless, layer in different shades of neutral colors, appearances, shapes to bring every little thing together and come alive as a unique creation of your style.

Dimensional Tiles

Hexagonal tiles are bringing their sexy back to bathrooms in all sizes, colors, and textures, specifically on shower floors, where they produce a uniquely different look.

Geometric floor tiles can be made use of on a large scale (all wall surfaces or whole floor covering) to set the tone for the bathroom or they can be utilized on an accent wall to produce a bold pivot from the rest of the shower room. 

When it comes to small bathrooms, dimensional tiles can assist in improving the perception of space, specifically when matched well with neutral shades. Whereas in large bathrooms, they can create artful emphasis on some specific areas in your bathroom, e.g. makeup station.

Bathroom Tiles Dark

Marble Tiles

Marble represents a high-end material popular for its stunning, luxurious charm. Marble is a natural rock, meaning each piece of it includes its own unique coloring and design. The distinctions in veining, as well as refined color shielding results in a one of a kind stone which looks cannot be repeated. In spite of its connection to royal residences, marble has slowly become a popular option for homeowners worldwide, especially when it comes to bathroom renovations.  With a wide range of different colors & patterns, you will surely find a perfect match for your style. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to maintenance, marble tiles have to be sealed every year, and frequently cleaned in order to avoid stains, moisture damage, and stains. So, if you are looking for elegant but easy-to-maintain tiles, you should definitely skip marble.

White Bathroom Tiles


Contemporary designers are still widely using neutral colors for bathroom floor tiles. Nevertheless, bolder shades and dirty shades are leading the way in 2020. We can expect this trend to continue in 2021 with a color wave from bright orange tones to light blue colors, as a result of an increased need for color surfaces.

On the other hand, many homeowners are starting to consider their bathrooms as their special relaxing nooks, meaning most of them are looking for a more green ambiance in their bathroom. 

You can achieve this effect with floral pattern tiles, all-natural tiles, or even with an entire wall surface of flora. Moreover, bathtubs and other bathroom elements should be simple, with smooth and natural line finishes. Likewise, you should incorporate floral and green elements with more calming colors, ensuring the natural vibe at all times.

Choosing the best type of tiles for your bathroom can be rather a difficult task. There are so many options. You need to choose a shade, finish, as well as form you want, and the material itself. Ideally, the above details on bathroom tile trends for 2020 will help you find your perfect tiles and give you inspiration for your bathroom remodeling project.

If you would like to start working on your bathroom remodeling project, find out more about our products and bathroom solutions. Let’s make your dreams come true together! Call us today at (732) 356-3610, and find out how we can help you! 

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