2020’s Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. You want it to be an inviting space filled with good food and lifelong memories. If it needs an update, picking new kitchen cabinet paint colors is a perfect way to brighten up the look and feel of the room.

There’s no end to the choices of kitchen cabinet paint colors available in the 2020s. Of course, all the options can make it overwhelming, too. Plus there are other considerations such as the style of cabinets and how natural and artificial light fills the space.

If you’re searching for the perfect kitchen cabinet paint color, you can explore these popular ideas in kitchen cabinet paint colors for inspiration. First, let’s talk about how light affects your color choices.

Well-Lit Kitchen with wood color kitchen cabinets

Light and Color

To put it simply, black absorbs light and white reflects it. Of course, the way that light affects color is more complicated than that when you consider natural versus artificial light. Here are a few things to know that will help ensure light enhances your color choices instead of making you regret them.

Natural Light

Start by determining which way your kitchen windows face. Do you have a north, south, east, or west, facing room? Is there a combination of directional lighting entering through the windows?

Knowing which direction natural light is coming from is essential because north light will make colors look less saturated and subdued. On the other hand, southern exposure and skylights will make lighter colors glow and brighten up dark colors. Eastern light changes from a warm-yellow before noon and becomes increasingly blue toward evening.

And, as you might imagine, it’s the opposite of western light which produces dull colors in the morning and becomes warmer and inviting as the day wears on.

Artificial Light

From the yellow warm glow of incandescents to the cool flat lighting of fluorescents, interior lighting affects your kitchen cabinet colors, as well. Halogen lights are the closest to natural light and are great for kitchens that have lots of windows because the transition from daylight to artificial light is much more smooth.

These days you can even choose LEDs and SMART bulbs that can emit light that ranges from warm to cool colors. You can see why it’s essential to consider lighting as you explore kitchen cabinet paint color ideas.

Cream and gray kitchen cabinets

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors for the 2020s

Kitchens look clean and pristine with beautiful brilliant white cabinets. Not only that, but bright white also makes the kitchen feel bigger. If you have big windows and lots of natural north or eastern light, brilliant white is an excellent choice.

The yellow glow of the morning light will light up a bright white wall with a natural warm glow.

On the other hand, with southern exposure, the reflective nature of brilliant white may make it too bright during the day. That means you’ll want to pay attention to the sheen of the paint as well as the color. Similarly, using the whitest white in a room with western exposure will reflect the sunlight, which could make the kitchen overly bright in the late afternoon.

You really can’t go wrong with white, however. In fact, the best thing about white kitchen cabinets is that you can find the perfect shade and it can fit into almost any kitchen style from contemporary to a farmhouse look. White is always worth considering.

Creamy Warmth

Cream is a neutral tone that adds an extra level of comfort to your home. Cream cabinets paired with hardwood bring a charming country feel and inviting warmth to the room. What’s more, textured interior design using wainscoting and beadboard look especially lovely against creamy kitchen cabinet paint colors.

If you want to showcase a kitchen island in a vintage setting, installing a granite top with a cream-colored base is a timeless choice.

Gorgeous Gray

Now, if you’re looking for versatility, one of the most popular kitchen cabinet paint colors for the 2020s is gray. The design possibilities are endless because of the array of finishes and hues available. Try a high-gloss gray on traditional style cabinets.

Or, use a deep gray to accent areas such as the kitchen island and bar.

Gray cabinets are gorgeous with a light-colored backsplash, as well. And if you want an elegant kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a beautiful tile floor, gray cabinets give the space a modern mood. Some of the most popular kitchen designs use dark shades of gray for a bold statement that’s all luxury.

Paint Sheen

It’s important to note that the type of sheen you pick will also affect the look of your kitchen cabinet paint colors. In general, a semi-gloss works best in kitchens because it’s durable and easy to clean. However, you still have an array of other options.

Flat or matte paint diffuses light and colors are muted. This sheen works best on ceilings or in rooms where there isn’t a lot of traffic because it’s hard to keep clean. Similarly, an eggshell finish has many of the qualities of matte, but it’s slightly easier to keep clean.

A better choice for kitchen cabinets is a satin sheen which provides a luxurious finish that is easier still to keep clean and is a great multi-use paint. Semi-gloss and high-gloss are the other two best options for the best picks in kitchen cabinet paint.

Consider the light in your kitchen again, as you think about the sheen you want on your cabinets. Much like bright white paint, a high gloss is reflective. The reflective nature of high-gloss might be perfect for a kitchen with northern light—however if you get southern or sunlight from the west, you should consider using a semi-gloss or satin sheen.

wood finished kitchen cabinets

Wood Finishes

Natural wood cabinets are lovely in cabins and country homes. A classic natural wood finish never goes out of style. Even better?

With the wide variety of colors, types, and polish, there’s no end to the options for kitchen cabinet colors that fit your home. If you want a rustic look, forget the paint and gloss. Instead, leave the wood in its natural state. You can use stain to bring out the natural grain, knots, and imperfections in the wood.

Of course, the type of wood makes all the difference, too. Consider using the dark-rich color of cherry to set off creamy colored walls. Or try maple, with its light yellow warm glow to enhance the natural light in your kitchen.

The Finishing Touches

Think about how to incorporate your kitchen cabinet paint color ideas with all the finishing touches such as countertops, wall color, and backsplashes. Contrasts and texture add the little details that elevate your design. For example, white walls with dark accents are eye-catching, modern, and sleek.

A slate countertop and backsplash tiles complete the look of luxury.

Alternatively, white-colored cabinets with wainscoting and beadboard accents and a hardwood floor make for a charming country kitchen. Ultimately, your choices of wood, metal, slate, or marble accents will all work together to create the vibe in your kitchen and throughout your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

After thinking it through, you might even consider investing in kitchen cabinet installation to update the room’s look. New kitchen cabinets give you so many options and with the right pick, you’ll have a design that you won’t need to replace for years. Not only that but if you opt for kitchen cabinet installation, you’ll get the pick of all the popular kitchen cabinet paint colors for the 2020s.

If you want to replace your kitchen cabinets, grab a tape measure, notepad, and pencil. Then take a few measurements. Most of the time, you’ll find that your kitchen cabinets meet a standard size.

One note here—taking the measurements is easier with a partner to help hold the tape and write down the information.

First, measure the height by starting at the outside top of the cabinet and pulling the measuring tape down to the bottom edge. Record the number on your notepad: height = X number of inches.

Next, get the measurement for width by stretching the tape across the bottom of the cabinet’s edge from right to left if you’re right-handed and left to right if you’re left-handed. Record the number on your notepad: width = X number of inches.

Finally, start at the outside back wall of the cabinet and stretch the tape to the front of the cupboard and record the number: depth = X number of inches.

Pro tip: Take each of your measurements twice to make sure that you’re accurate.

Consultant is showing white kitchen cabinets to young couple

Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Picking kitchen cabinet paint colors is rewarding when you find the perfect match for your home’s vibe. When the color, lighting, cabinetry, and flooring all work to enhance the look and feel of your home, you’ve achieved a timeless interior design that you’ll love for years to come.

Whether you dream of a pristine brilliant white kitchen in the morning light, the sleek modern look of deep gray kitchen cabinets, or you feel at home in the warmth of a cozy kitchen with cream-colored cupboards, we can help. Contact Savona Design for a free consultation.


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