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7 Green Kitchen Cabinets Ideas & Paint Colors To Recreate Them

Refreshing. Soothing. Vibrant. Natural. These are all associations that come to mind when we think of the color green. The kitchen however is not one of them, but in our opinion, that is an omission. While it might not be a traditional kitchen color, green can elevate and transform an ordinary kitchen into a picture straight from a magazine. Some might consider it risky or too bold, but we say embrace it and get creative. Add a touch of green to your kitchen and watch it come to life. In this article, we will share the most inspiring green kitchen cabinets ideas and paint colors you can use if you’re considering a DIY project. But to start off, let’s talk about why we love green cabinets so much.

Green kitchen cabinets are:

Exciting – if you’re a person who loves to make their own path instead of following current trends, this might be a wonderful solution for you. Green is anything but ordinary and is rarely found in a kitchen. You can be sure you will add a unique feel to your space if you choose this less popular option and in the process, you might inspire others to embrace some more adventurous design choices as well. After all, our homes and kitchens are there to reflect our personalities, lifestyles, and values, so we should let go of norms and design standards and explore until we find the perfect match. 

Easy on the eyes – while it might seem like a bold choice, green is actually very soothing to the eyes and aesthetically pleasing. It can be combined with many other colors and accents in order to let our kitchen shine. This is especially true for lighter green colors. Practically neutral, they can match any color scheme. The relaxing green tones will feel like a breath of fresh air and won’t additionally strain our eyes after a long day, which is an added bonus. 

Diverse – from forest green to seafoam and olive, there are as many green color shades as you can imagine, or perhaps even more. This gives you endless options to choose from and makes planning your kitchen and picking complementary accents a breeze. Picking the best green shade or paint for your space depends only on your taste and design. There are no right and wrong answers, so you might as well go with your gut and experiment. 

In line with biophilic design – if you love the idea of connecting with nature and bringing it inside, then choosing colors such as green, which is prominent in nature, is one of the ways you can accomplish this. Following the principles of this design theory has been shown to help people relax, and lower stress levels, while increasing mindfulness, focus, productivity, and overall positivity. So why not let some nature indoors with some gorgeous green kitchen cabinets? 

How To Pick The Best Green Shade For Your Cabinets?

As we’ve mentioned before, there really aren’t any right or wrong answers to this question, but we can give you a few tips to make the process easier. When picking the right shade for your kitchen, aside from your own personal style preferences, you might want to consider the preexisting elements such as your wall color, countertops, amount of light, and kitchen size and layout. These could all be valuable pointers that will steer you in the direction of your new cabinet color. 

For smaller kitchens, we would always suggest going with lighter shades, no matter which color you pick, because they will help open up the space and make it seem bigger and brighter. We would also apply this advice to kitchens that don’t have a lot of natural light. Dark cabinets in this case might make the room even more unlighted. Of course, if you have your heart set on a darker shade, appropriate light fixtures could really save the day and make your wish come true. 

What Color Walls Go With Green Kitchen Cabinets?

Since green is a mix of blue and yellow tones, it can be pretty easy to style and match though it does not appear so at first glance. Choosing the best wall color for your cabinets is essential for a well-put-together design and we’re here to assist you with that process. The one color you absolutely cannot go wrong with when you have green kitchen cabinets is white. The clean, pristine look of white walls is timeless and it creates the perfect contrast and base for your cabinets to shine. No matter which green shade you pick, it will work wonders with a white background. 

If you’re intrigued by white and neutral walls but want a slightly different option cream or beige could be the answer for you. This slightly warmer color can also suit a variety of greens and make your kitchen pop. 

For the bold and adventurous, we would suggest going with yellow or even green walls. The yellow could further accentuate your cabinets and invite a sunny and joyful vibe into your kitchen, while complementary shades of green could turn it into a peaceful and nature-inspired oasis for your calm family moments. 

What Is The Best Hardware For Green Kitchen Cabinets?

Depending on the shade of green, your kitchen design style, and other elements such as countertops and appliances, you might choose some of the following hardware options for your cabinets:

Gold Hardware – a classic and timeless option, it would look incredible with green cabinets. Since green itself contains yellow tones, this complementary color would make it look stylish and harmonious. 

Black Hardware – an excellent choice for a bold and modern look, it would suit green kitchen cabinets and add a little extra pop to make them stand out. 

Bronze/Brass/Copper Hardware – if you’re going for a vintage or industrial look, these should be the options you consider to match your green cabinets. The reddish and copper tones are a great contrast that accentuates the green color and makes it look even more vibrant.

Stainless Steel Hardware – practical and suitable for almost all designs and styles, this option is widely popular and looks marvelous with any green shade. It’s definitely a safe and solid bet when choosing hardware for your cabinets.

If you need more options and in-depth information about trendy hardware choices, you can check out our blog post right here

Green Kitchen Cabinets Ideas And Paint Colors

If you’re sold on the idea of green kitchen cabinets, but need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing some of our favorite designs and paint colors to help you with your remodeling project, so keep reading. 

Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

Inspired by antique farmhouses, this kitchen design combines two shades of green for the kitchen cabinets and they look incredible! We love how they pop thanks to the white backsplash and lovely wood tones that add to the rustic feel of the place. Two-tone cabinets are very popular and we’re thrilled to see that doubling down on green can look this good. The dark brown wood floor, big farmhouse sink, and charming light fixtures all work wonders for this design and make it look homey, cozy, and timeless. If evoking an image of rural kitchens and the warmth they bring was the goal, then this design is a true success. 

If you’d like to recreate these colors on your own kitchen cabinets as a DIY project, here are some of the shades you might want to consider: SW 2851 Sage Green Light, SW 7740 Messenger Bag, and SW 2861 Avocado. 

Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets
Photo by Medallion Cabinetry

Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets

This transitional kitchen features stunning dark green cabinets which are perfectly backed with a white quartz backsplash, creating a wonderful contrast. The delicate veining of the quartz adds a subtle drama to this otherwise clean and pristine design. We love how the gold hardware looks on this green shade and the stylish vibe it creates. Though the shaker cabinets are a traditional choice, the adventurous and classy green makes them look timeless and even modern in this incredible kitchen. 

For your DIY project, you can choose SW 6447 Evergreens, SW 6461 Isle of Pines, or SW 6440 Courtyard to achieve a similar look. 

Dark Green Cabinets
Photo by Kitchen NV

Light Green Kitchen Cabinets

A perfect example of how a bright and light color can make a smaller space look more open and large, this kitchen features a beautiful shade of green. Though on the smaller side, this open concept farmhouse kitchen shines bright and gives off a fun and cozy atmosphere. As we can notice in most of our examples, a white backsplash seems to be one of the most popular options accompanying green cabinets. The beige tile floor is a suitable option and goes well with this design. We also love the stainless steel hardware they chose for the cabinets. 

Some paint options for you, if you’re considering this style for your remodeling project are SW 6711 Parakeet, SW 6717 Lime Rickey, and SW 6710 Mélange Green.

Light Green Kitchen
Photo by Unique Homestays

Modern Green Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary and trendy are the words that come to mind when we look at this expertly designed kitchen. We love the deep and dark green color they chose for the cabinets as well as the bold and lively green on the walls. Though it might seem tough, it’s entirely possible to use the same color in different shades for both the walls and cabinets, as we’ve mentioned before and this kitchen design is a great example of that. The rustic and eclectic touch added with this charming carpet is a breath of fresh air and we love how it completes this space. 

For a similar effect, you might want to try the following colors for your own remodel SW 7730 Forestwood, SW 6188 Shade-Grown, and SW 9184 Foxhall Green. 

Modern Green Kitchen
Photo by Katie Leede & Company Studio

Olive Green Kitchen Cabinets

Olive is an incredible shade for larger and more open kitchens, as you can see in this example. The green cabinets look marvelous in this earthy shade and we love how the black, simple hardware completes their look. Light wood floors and an island with a white countertop are complementing the cabinets well and the clean white, backsplash further emphasizes the depth and freshness of their color. It might seem like a modern choice, but green cabinets are excellent at making farmhouse and traditional kitchens look stylish and evergreen. 

Consider SW 6425 Relentless Olive, SW 7729 Edamame, or SW 6418 Rural Green for your next kitchen cabinet colors if this is a look you find appealing. 

Olive Green Kitchen
Photo by Judith Balis Interiors

Emerald Green Kitchen Cabinets 

If you’re going for an unforgettable and daring choice for your kitchen design, then look no further. You can achieve exactly that with an unexpected and striking emerald color for your cabinets. Check out how stylish and mesmerizing this kitchen looks with a two-tone cabinet solution. Having combined the sleek white and outstanding emerald color, they created a look that will leave everyone speechless. The gold hardware and occasional wood and leather accents further elevate this space and contribute to its eclectic atmosphere. 

You can achieve this look for your DIY remodel by picking SW 6748 Greens, SW 6927 Greenbelt, or SW 6755 Starboard. 

Emerald Green Kitchen
Photo by Laura Potter Designs

Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets

This minty kitchen is giving us all the retro vibes and we’re loving it. They combined several shades of green with success making this kitchen one of the most interesting combinations we’ve seen in a while. Even the stunning countertop has beautiful mint swirls. The white and grey veiny backsplash with hints of green and grey floors complete this nostalgic picture and fantastic design. 

For your remodel, try using SW 6735 Minted, SW 9036 Retro Mint, or SW 6737 Kiwi if you love this kitchen design. 

Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets
Photo by Aria Stone Gallery

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