Kitchen Cabinets and bathroom vanıtıes ın summıt, nj

Your home is a special place, which is why you want to make sure that it looks and functions exactly how you want it to. Getting the right renovations for your Summit home can be a struggle, but it can be more than worth it when the job is complete.

Our team can help give you the home makeover for your kitchen cabinets and vanities that you have been dreaming of.

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We know that there is a lot of thought and planning that goes into any home renovation project.

That’s why we talk to our clients to walk them through all of the different considerations, allowing them to make the best decisions for their budget and timeline.

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Kitchen Cabinets and Remodeling in Summit, NJ

The kitchen is the hub of the household. This is where family and guests gather around when you have people over. Food has a way of bringing people together, which is why this is the true social hub of the home. This is why it’s so important to ensure that you are getting a kitchen space that is perfect for entertaining.

No matter what style you love for your kitchen, we can help you pick the right materials and design scheme to achieve your goals for the space.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops on Sale near Summit

Simple yet stunning! Statuary Classique Quartz is elegant, durable, and requires virtually no maintenance. This marble-look quartz is ideal for busy kitchens and baths in both homes and residential properties.


Calacatta dramatic gray veining on a creamy white background will convince everyone that it is naturally mined marble. But with its easy-care durability, this quartz will practically take care of itself.


The shaker collection features a clean, simple design that pairs wells with any layout or color scheme and is adaptable enough for use in both traditional and modern homes.


Calacatta Leon is a statement-making quartz designers just can't get enough of. Its soft white backdrop is enhanced with dramatic grey veining throughout the slab, for the most authentic marble look.


Kitchen Countertops in Summit, NJ

Countertops are more than functional spaces where you store items and prepare food. These are also the focal points of the kitchen, which is why you want to make sure you pick the perfect countertops for the space. They can complement the design scheme that you have for the rest of the space, giving your kitchen the polished design that will make you the envy of your friends and family.

Our team can help you pick the perfect countertops for your space.

Kitchen Countertop
kitchen cabinets

Bathroom Vanities and Remodeling in Summit, NJ

Bathrooms are an often overlooked room in the home. Many people don’t put a lot of thought in decorating this room. However, instead of just settling for any bathroom it’s time for you to design the bathroom oasis that you can’t want to escape in. This is the room that you often begin and end your day in, so take the time to design a truly perfect space.

Our team will listen to your vision and help you design the bathroom sanctuary that can help you better relax within your home.

Bathtubs and Vanities on Sale near Summit

Configurable bottom interior drawer provides for a personalized storage space, vanity in walnut veneer.


Spacious freestanding bathtub for better comfort, Sturdy construction with fiberglass reinforcement, easy to clean white high-gloss surface.


Spacious freestanding bathtub for better comfort, rasy to clean white high-gloss surface, sturdy construction with fiberglass reinforcement.


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Know Your Township

Summit History

The region passed from Indian to Colonial possession by purchase on October 28, 1664 for “twenty fathoms of trading cloth, two made coats, two guns, two kettles, ten bars of lead and twenty handfuls of powder.”

Summit’s earliest settlers came here around 1710. Most of the founding fathers brought Puritan heritage from the British Isles, and from neighboring New England and Long Island. Finding a true paradise, the Summit area was abundant in timber for building cabins, rabbits for food and pelts, plentiful turkey, and a fertile valley for growing wheat and corn. Plus the Passaic River was full of fish to eat and used to facilitate transportation and trade.

Where did "Summit" get its name?

In 1837, the railroad came over the “The Summit” hill, whose name was later shortened to Summit. During the Revolutionary period and for some time afterwards Summit was called the “Heights over Springfield” and was considered a part of New Providence. The original name of Summit was “Turkey Hill” to mark it apart from “Turkey”, as New Providence was known until 1750.

In 1869, Summit separated itself from New Providence and became the “Township of Summit”. Thirty years later on April 11, 1899, The City of Summit was incorporated. Read the City of Summit Charter (PDF).