Kitchen Cabinets and bathroom vanıtıes ın Howell Township, nj

When the time comes to upgrade your living quarters, many emotions spring up. You may feel the thrill in your mind as you visualize the transformation and think about the creative possibilities.

Soon after, worry starts to set in as you evaluate the potential costs and challenges of your project. It is a difficult operation, therefore careful planning is necessary. Whatever your goals are, we want to help you achieve them.

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Savona Design offers a comprehensive range of services to satisfy your needs. Our team of experts is always accessible to address any questions you may have regarding the processes and logistics of your renovation in order to help you come up with a unique plan that works for your timetable and your home.

You can count on us to complete the kitchen remodeling of your dreams, whether it’s to upgrade your kitchen, luxuriate in your bathroom, or change the flooring.

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Kitchen Cabinets and Remodeling in Howell Township, NJ

The kitchen serves as the hub of the home. Because of this, it’s critical to create a space where everyone feels included and accepted. Adding a granite island to your kitchen is a simple way to encourage conversation and coffee breaks.

The process of making enduring experiences with your family doesn’t end with laying the foundation or installing the cabinets and countertops.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops on Sale near Howell Township

The shaker collection features a clean, simple design that pairs wells with any layout or color scheme and is adaptable enough for use in both traditional and modern homes.


Calacatta dramatic gray veining on a creamy white background will convince everyone that it is naturally mined marble. But with its easy-care durability, this quartz will practically take care of itself.


Simple yet stunning! Statuary Classique Quartz is elegant, durable, and requires virtually no maintenance. This marble-look quartz is ideal for busy kitchens and baths in both homes and residential properties.


The shaker collection features a clean, simple design that pairs wells with any layout or color scheme is adaptable enough for use in both traditional and modern homes.


Kitchen Countertops in Howell Township, NJ

The centerpiece of every well-designed kitchen is its gorgeous countertops. The look and feel of the space will be completely changed by your choice of color and material. Browse our wide range of genres to help you develop your idea.

Options like polished tile, weathered wood, and marbled granite may completely change the look of your kitchen. We provide a wide range of patterns and colors to complement any color scheme.

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Kitchen Cabinets & Countertop Project in Somerset, New Jersey

Bathroom Vanities and Remodeling in Howell Township, NJ

In a house, the bathroom is the most private space. We set the tone for the rest of the day here by enhancing our appearances and conversing quietly while looking in the mirror. A lengthy, hot shower is the perfect way to unwind and wash all of our concerns away after a challenging day. It’s highly private that we spend so much time here, which is why it’s crucial to create a tranquil setting where we can completely recover.

Regularly treating yourself to a nice bathroom is a terrific idea, and lavish vanities offer you a confident look that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. You deserve it, therefore we’re here to bring back this oasis of tranquility.

Bathtubs and Vanities on Sale near Howell Township

This classic vanity is crafted with beautiful details, from the tapered legs to the hand-carved pilasters. With a blend of both Traditional and Transitional styles, the charm of the Brittany Collection is fitting for a variety of interior designs.


Cottage White Single Bathroom Vanity. This series was designed for maximum storage and maximum ease of use. Directly behind the square "tulip" legs, we have crafted a full plinth base, also known as a toe kick or pedestal base. This wraparound base allows for quick cleanups, so it is perfect for high traffic use bathrooms.


The Brookfield 72", double sink, Country Oak vanity features hand-carved accenting filigrees and raised panel doors. Four doors, two on either side, open to shelves for storage below and three center drawers, made up of a lower double-height drawer and both middle and top standard drawers, offer additional storage space.


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Know Your Township


The history of Howell Township is connected to its location along the Manasquan River, where humans have lived since ancient times. Archeologists have estimated that Paleo-Indians (ancient Native Americans) settled in the Manasquan watershed as early as 9000 BC. This makes the Manasquan Paleo-Indian site located within Howell Township, south of Squankum Yellowbrook Road, one of the oldest settlement areas in eastern North America (Manasquan Watershed Management Association, 1999). The discovery of a projectile point at the site led to further excavations, which revealed refuse, floors, and other prehistoric remains (Monmouth County Environmental Council, 1978). Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold Township also contains an early settlement site of Paleo-Indians. At that time, the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean extended for 50 miles and the Manasquan watershed consisted of grasslands and marshland that was habitat for mammoths, caribou, musk oxen, and horses (Kraft, 1986).
The Manasquan River was first observed by Europeans in the 1520s when Giovanni da Verrazano sailed up the coast of New Jersey. The name “Manasquan” derives from a Lenape word meaning “mouth of the river.” The Lenape were a peaceful tribe that practiced agriculture, hunting, fishing, and shellfish harvesting. In addition, the Lenape possessed highly prized black wampum made from polished local seashells, which they used fortrade with other tribes. Archeological relics found in Allenwood in Wall Township, adjacent to Howell Township, show evidence of a large meeting place for the Lenape (MWMA, 1999).