Kitchen Cabinets and bathroom vanıtıes ın Ewing Township, nj

Home improvement is a fun and inventive project. But all the preparation and planning might make that thrill vanish. Are you concerned that an unforeseen obstacle may arise? Home renovations close to Ewing Township may take longer than anticipated.

We get your desire for a house you can be proud of. We at Savona Design can relieve some of your tension by assisting you in choosing the ideal aesthetic for your house.

Your remodeling design process should be enjoyable. We’re here to support you in showcasing your creativity. Our team can help with you to locate the finest alternative, whether you want resilient laminate flooring in your kitchen or ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

Savona Design will complete the renovations you’ve always envisioned.

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Kitchen Cabinets and Remodeling in Ewing Township, NJ

The ideal kitchen is one in which you, your loved ones, and visitors feel comfortable. The heart of your house is the kitchen. The room will be given new vitality with the installation of new kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen remodeling project can help in this situation. We’ll pay attention to how you picture the room’s appearance and how you intend to use it. From there, we can work with you to create a kitchen that you’ll enjoy using.

Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops on Sale near Ewing Township

Calacatta Leon is a statement-making quartz designers just can't get enough of. Its soft white backdrop is enhanced with dramatic grey veining throughout the slab, for the most authentic marble look.


Carrara Quartz is a lovely marble-look Carrara quartz with a white background and wispy gray veins for a soft, stone-inspired look that's just dreamy.


Whether your fantasy is classic comfort or sophisticated refinement, signature pearl`s raised panel design and antique white color serve as the ideal choice to create the perfect setting for your dream kitchen.


Simple yet stunning! Statuary Classique Quartz is elegant, durable, and requires virtually no maintenance. This marble-look quartz is ideal for busy kitchens and baths in both homes and residential properties.


Kitchen Countertops in Ewing Township, NJ

Every day, we utilize countertops. They are essential to your kitchen and crucial to the design of the space. Whether you choose sturdy granite or opulent quartz, our countertop collection is guaranteed to please.

Are you contemplating how to revitalize your kitchen? Countertops with style will do that. Your kitchen will take on a whole distinct tone depending on the color and design you pick.

Kitchen Cabinets & Countertop Project in Westfield, NJ
Dark wood kitchen

Bathroom Vanities and Remodeling in Ewing Township, NJ

If your bathroom isn’t at its finest, how can you unwind? We get ready for our hectic days in the bathroom, where we also find some peace and quiet.

We acknowledge that using the restroom might seem intimate. It requires a human touch because of this. A clean, gleaming bathroom makes life more enjoyable on a daily basis. Make the improvements to your bathroom that you’ve always wanted to! Install new tiles in your bathroom to give it a polished look and feel.

Bathtubs and Vanities on Sale near Ewing Township

This classic vanity is crafted with beautiful details, from the tapered legs to the hand-carved pilasters. With a blend of both Traditional and Transitional styles, the charm of the Brittany Collection is fitting for a variety of interior designs.


Spacious freestanding bathtub for better comfort, rasy to clean white high-gloss surface, sturdy construction with fiberglass reinforcement.


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Know Your Township


Although Ewing Township was officially established in 1834, the history of the region ranges back thousands of years. The earliest inhabitants of the land area today known as Ewing Township were the Lenni Lenape Indians. These migratory people ranged throughout New Jersey along the banks of the Delaware River, and the Township’s many creeks provided rich natural resources for hunting, fishing, pottery-making, and simple farming.

Colonial Period

When the region was first settled by European colonists around 1699, it was part of Hopewell Township, and continued under that name until the City of Trenton was established in 1719. From 1719 until 1834, the area was named Trenton Township. On February 22, 1834, the name was changed from Trenton Township to Ewing Township in honor of Charles Ewing, who was posthumously honored for his work as Chief Justice of the New Jersey State Supreme Court from 1824-1832.

Ewing was settled by a mixture of European and American colonists. Emigrants from Long Island and the East Jersey Province were largely of English and Scotch ancestry, with a sprinkling of Welsh, Dutch and French Huguenots. Other English families came from Burlington County and the New England colonies.