Home Remodeling & Renovations near Bridgewater, NJ

From relaxing on the front porch with your mate, to hosting a backyard BBQ with friends and family, creating the perfect living space in and around your home is easier than you think. When it’s time to give your home a new look, we can help transform your ideas into reality. We are the experts in home remodeling near Bridgewater that will help your home look like new and last longer.

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First, decide which room will get the make-over. We will make a plan with you on how the new look will flow with the rest of the house. Incorporating similar elements from other rooms into the design will create continuity. This is particularly important when you have a specific theme in mind. Start by going through your house and making a list of things you would like to change or things that really need fixing or changing. Then, check adjoining rooms to see how these changes will affect the overall flow.

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Kitchen Remodeling near Bridgewater, NJ

Sipping coffee as the sun rises over the horizon or enjoying a little snack with friends around the island, some of your most memorable moments are created in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, you want the space to feel welcoming and comfortable. You want a decorating scheme to be proud of, too.

Fresh paint and new appliances might be all you need to brighten it up a bit. Or, you may want new countertops all around. At Savona Design, we offer a wide range of services to fit your needs.

Kitchen Countertops near Bridgewater, NJ

High-end kitchen countertops like marble or granite have been at the top of people’s remodeling lists for a long time. But there is a new player on the field rapidly pushing these to the sidelines.

This trendy, practical and aesthetically pleasing alternative is quartz. Since 2004, the popularity of quartz countertops has risen exponentially. They are available in a huge variety of colors to complement any décor.

Bathroom Remodeling near Bridgewater, NJ

Had enough of looking at that old, outdated bathroom? Are your tub and sink showing spotted with chips and cracks? Do your faucets leak? Does your shower head look like the creature from the black lagoon?

From quick showers in the morning to long relaxing baths in the evening, you want a bathroom you can really enjoy. A place that makes you feel comfortable and happy. A little redo in the right places can turn your drab “john” into your own personal spa.

Tile & Flooring near Bridgewater, NJ

Floors take a lot of wear and tear, especially if you have kids and pets and need to be replaced once in a while. Whether your floor needs to be replaced or you just feel like a change, now would be a good time to think about a new floor. A nice floor can give the whole room a wonderful feeling.

Today, you have many floor designs, materials and colors to choose from. Popular finishes range from ebony to driftwood. Another popular trend is to allow small imperfections such as knots and mineral streaks to stay in the flooring for a natural feel and more aesthetic appeal. Faux flooring, like tiles that look like wood are also very popular choices.

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Know Your Township

The thirty-three square mile area which is now the Township of Bridgewater was originally purchased from a local Indian tribe. Chartered by King George II of England in 1749, and incorporated in 1899, Bridgewater is a modern suburban municipality with a balance of residential and commercial uses. In the early years, Bridgewater was known as a farming town. What is now Somerville and Raritan were once part of Bridgewater Township until they broke away years after the chartering.

Today, as was said, Bridgewater is a diverse and thriving township with a mix of both rural and suburban life.Township is prime ground for many new and large businesses, including Sanofi-Aventis, J&J, MetLife, and Phillips-Van Heusen. Bridgewater has progressed rapidly from its rural roots, and will continue to grow in the future.