Capture the world in quartz

Transforming living spaces with the essence of our living world. An alchemy of craftsmanship and art, a mastery of beauty, Vadara quartz captures the stillness, flow and endless wonder of nature’s most captivating corners and sets them into each handcrafted piece, for a surface that’s fit for purpose but etched with possibility.

The nature of imagination

We travel to the ends of the earth to find inspiration for our quartz collections, capturing untamed scenes of natural wonder so you can realize every vision. Feel inspired beyond what you can imagine and create enduring spaces with timeless beauty.


Savona Kitchen & Bath is a product reseller of Vadara Quartz in New Jersey. We are the perfect choice for your countertop projects. Get your free consultation now to start your countertop project with Vadara Quartz.

Discover your quartz expression

Whether you’re creating places of purpose or spaces of awe, adding Vadara quartz to your design means putting creativity with heart at the very start of every project. This inspiration lives to further inspire the vision of your space. Let your design style tell a story as distinct as ours.

Nature's Expressions

Grouping our collections by ‘Nature’s expressions’ gives us the opportunity to add an extra dimension to the product’s aesthetic. In this way, we draw connections between a certain collection and a unique expression of nature’s artistry — from the dramatic to the subtle and everything in-between — imbuing our pieces with a wonder of the unseen, and taking you on a journey of discovery into the tales of the living world.

Spaces start with Vadara.

We pride ourselves on the alchemical effect of our designs, transforming moods and feelings, defining place and purpose. We know we’ve done our job properly when we see the way Vadara quartz interacts with an otherwise empty space – entirely changing the look and feel, moulding a piece of nature into a defined structure. It’s a sort of magic when a single surface can set the tone of an entire room. When a Vadara piece alone defines a space, we know we’ve got it right.